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This week welcomes the latest offering from XConfessions: BOAT BUDDIES (WITH BENEFITS)! I just had to shoot this having had a sailor past myself and I was so inspired to film in the middle of the open sea! This confession is based on the story of two business partners who decide to buy a boat to fix up and rent to tourists. But, after spending many long hours together, sexual tensions built and before long things became much closer than business.

It was by far one of the most fun short films to create, albeit the most challenging, filming atop a boat from the 70s in the gorgeous open waters of the Mediterranean! But it was worth every moment, with two of the most fabulous and charming performers, Pau Pappel and Clarke Kent. Plus the day ended with a swim which was the best reward I can assure you! So take a dip into the scorching Mediterranean heat and experience erotica in the open ocean!

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