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NEW XConfessions: An Illicit Affair by Goodyn Green

NEW RELEASE | XConfessions
An Illicit Affair – by Goodyn Green 

Neither of us can play out the things we enjoy with our partners, but between us there is a freedom, a liberation, an expression of passion and desire’

Watch the trailer of An Illicit Affair above!

It’s time for a new XConfessions film, and this week we welcome back guest director Goodyn Green! I loved her first XConfessions film The Toilet Line, which captured the alt porn Berlin vibe with some HOT stranger sex, so I couldn’t wait to see what she was going to do with the confession for An Illicit Affair. Well, I can tell you that she does not disappoint!

The film was inspired by a confession we received from someone having an affair with an ex-lover. The confessor felt guilty, but ultimately they felt liberated and free to try out their fantasies and sexual desires with this old flame. It seems like this is a theme that resonates with a lot of you Lusties!

An Illicit Affair is about intense sexual connection and passion between two people. It’s about surrendering to the eroticism of forbidden lust. Desiring something you shouldn’t have. And it looks like we’re having a bit of a theme with the forbidden at the moment on XConfessions (have you watched The Amateur Tapes yet?!)

Luckily Goodyn had the perfect performers in mind to act out this affair, Bishop Black and Jasko Fide. The two have both performed on XConfessions before, Jasko in The Toilet Line, and Bishop is a veteran, most recently in the BEAUTIFUL Moist by Poppy Sanchez. And my god is the sex between them hot.

From the beginning when they slowly undress each other and you can feel the tension brewing, to Bishop pulling down Jasko’s trousers to reveal her harness and then choosing the dildo he wants, to the laughter shared between the two of them (remember, sex can be fun!). It’s beautiful, passionate and raw.

Anyway, you need to go and watch it for yourself! 😉 But first check out the photos from the shoot below…

“I have a confession that I haven’t told anyone.

It’s about me and my ex lover. We were together a long time ago. Then we fell apart and both ended up married to other people.

One day we saw each other across the room at an event. When I saw him my heart stood still. His mouth. His eyes. I yearned for him. We stared at each other for too long.

The affair has been happening for years now. We have a deep connection that can’t be broken. But it’s more than that. It’s our fantasies, our sexual desires. Neither of us can play out the things we enjoy with our partners, but between us there is a freedom, a liberation, an expression of passion and desire.

My heart races knowing the next time we will meet. The guilt is weighing on me but I imagine a future where we can be honest about what we are doing to our partners and experience a more open kind of love. Until that point, I can’t stop.”

Confession by IMANI on







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All photos in this post are by Goodyn Green

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