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This week we have a new release with group sex in it! Whoo Hoo! I know a lot of my followers do love orgies. Maybe because it’s a common fantasy or maybe because it’s something more unusual. Well, shooting orgies is difficult, but the result is worth it. Also from a sculptural point of view: the image of twisted and tangled bodies is a very beautiful one.

I picked this Spanish confession because it inspired the idea of an orgy occurring unexpectedly among a group of young friends – it had something real. It also involved relations between men, and before picking this confession we had counted 7 different accounts of women who wanted to be engaged in a threesome with two men, but they wanted to see the men having intercourse as well.


This kind of threesome is quite unusual in mainstream porn, where men don’t dare touch each other. I guess it is because we assume that the target, the average straight male porn watcher, won’t be excited by such an image. Well, apparently the ladies are much more open to all sorts of combinations… At least the submitters of confessions anyway! Pansexuals represented the perfect occasion to bring the audience what they’d been asking for, which is the whole point of XC! You can find the English translation of the confession below.


Since Pansexuals is about a new generation open-minded enough to go to bed with whoever they feel like, I decided to make an experiment and give them a voice to explain their choices. I think that the honest documentary take creates a more real and exciting feel when you see the sex afterwards.

For this short I’ve been surrounded by amazing artists. The music you will hear is by Barcelona-based band MONSIEUR CACTUS, whilst the mural art was the intervention of renowned artist CANE in Mutuo Art Center, where this film was shot.

Watch Pansexuals NOW!


My name is Mary, I live in Berlin, and I enjoy fucking almost any moving thing. My name is John, I am the boyfriend of Mary and also of Alex. My name is Teresa and I am friends with John, Mary, Alex, and I’ve just arrived in the city. My name is Alex, and I can not live without my friends, I like their bodies, I like the way they think and I like how they make me feel. We love each other.

Teresa loves Mary. Mary and Teresa want to see Alex and John kissing, fucking, touching each other. Alex and John do not suspect that Mary and Teresa know this game well. They are good poker players and they are even better at sex. They have decided that today they will win. But above all, Alex and John do not suspect who the jackpot will be… them.

PS. Check Amber Nevada’s interview in Vimeo! (Spanish)




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