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Noelia Towers: An Interview on BDSM and art

This interview is part of the collaborators section in XConfessions

We have a new artist on XConfessions!

Introducing Noelia Towers!

“From the darkest side of my world
to the most colorful palette”

Noelia Towers is a Barcelona born artist, currently living in Chicago. Unlike a lot of the artists I find, Noelia was recommended to me by one of my colleagues in the office! As soon as I saw her intelligent, witty and gorgeous work I knew she’d match the XConfessions site perfectly. Noelia enjoys knitting, collecting lingerie and being a subject for other artists. She keeps herself busy by immersing herself in a creative world of her own and continuing to challenge personal and cultural boundaries.

“Her body of work is a mix of her own reality, her wildest dreams and her deepest thoughts. She finds inspiration in feminist culture through the lens of her own experiences and strong and sexually liberated female figures who are part of her life; often illustrating these ideas as witty monochromatic statements. 
Anthropomorphism is an important component of her painting work where creates a fantasy world to synthesize human and animal traits in allegorical-esque portraits and still lives. “

For my next release, “Can you be a feminist and submissive?” I wanted to gather a lot of voices around the subject of BDSM – and Noelia has some very interesting and insightful thoughts. Keep reading for her interview below!



Hi Noelia! Can you tell me a bit about how and why you started working in these black and white illustrations? And the same with your oil paintings?
These black illustrations came from the need to take a brake from color. Sometimes I get overwhelmed and need a different medium that allows me to be someone else, something to let myself go and relax and express myself faster than if I was doing an actual painting, which can take me months to finish. I need an outlet with immediate results and I find relief on paper&pen. The mean girls series were a way to illustrate my thoughts at that moment. I have a lot of ideas, constantly, at all times, and these in particular were sentences I came up with or found them very inspring and I needed to add some imagery to make them aesthetically pleasant but also tell a story at the same time.
Each one of these illustrations has a lot of background story behind them, so we’d have to analyze them one by one. Let’s just say they all depict feelings I’ve had at some point of my life or I currently have, or just my response to things I’ve been told by men.


What made you want to collaborate with XConfessions?
My dear friend Alba Cardona became a staff member and introduced me to Erika Lust’s world. I immediately fell in love and then I realized some of my favorite porn/erotic performers who I admire were part of it too. Alba reached out to me and asked if I wanted to be a featured artist and I did not hesitate… I am so honored! You guys rule and you are truly changing the porn industry. Keep it up!
A lot of your work is on the subject of BDSM, as well as strong, often aggressive women. What draws you to representing women like that?
I guess it all started from a very strong attraction to its aesthetic. I started gravitating towards all things “Kinky” and realized how appealing I found BDSM.
Turning these things I love into illustrations is a way for me to let women take control and break free from all the oppression we have been and are still being put through. It’s a way to show we are fearless and strong, and we won’t take shit from anyone.


Do you see a dichotomy between feminism and BDSM, or more specifically, do you think you can be a feminist and be submissive?
I often get the classic “but how can you call yourself a feminist when your images represent women punishing men? Isn’t feminism about equality?” and then we have the classic “but you are not a feminist if you like men to dominate you” to which I have several responses for both of these things.
I see BDSM as role playing in which both parts agree on taking their roles. Sometimes you dominate, sometimes you are dominated. Informed consent plays an essential part in this. None of these practices represent my social values, it’s just something I do in my bedroom, in the privacy of my own house. This community is very inclusive and there is a wild range of practices. It can go from soft and mild to life threatening, but what I love about it is how it allows you to explore and push your boundaries and you are able to find out things you didn’t know about yourself. It is for everyone willing to embrace it.
When it comes to my work, the images I create are often very aggressive because I apply the BDSM doctrine into social injustice. I make art against rape culture, I talk about killing your rapist, I tell women they don’t need oppressive men, I encourage women to not be ashamed of their sexual orientation despite their age, gender or race. I fight racism, I show no respect for sexist men.


What’s in the future for your work?
I just finished the biggest paintings I’ve done in years and they will be displayed at a pop-up in here in Chicago. I made some totebags that I will be selling (you can also order them through my website) as well as some prints from the mean girls series.
I guess I will just keep on painting, getting inspired by the wonderful people and things that cross my path.


If you could describe yourself in one image, what would that be? 

Did you ever find a good visual representation of an orgasm? If so, can you share it with us? 

And don’t forget to watch out for the release of Feminist and Submissive!


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