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Lena’s podcasts: Not Just for Girls!

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If you haven’t listened to Lena Dunham’s podcast Women of the Hour yet, make sure you do! As many of you know I’m a die-hard Lena nerd. I can re-watch Girls over and over again, and always enjoy it on a new leve each time. I’ll see a joke I missed, a layer to a character I hadn’t thought about, or I just kick back and enjoy the extremely funny, sharp dialogue in all its glory…even if I’m enjoying it for the millionth time.

And being so young, doing what she does so well in such a male-dominated field just makes me love (or actually, worship) her even more.

Girls HBO season 3 premiere, Lena Dunham

The podcast is a perfect medium for Dunham, where she’s free to address issues she’s interested in and passionate about. She’s someone who has to out up with droves of trolls and haters, and for what? For being a bright woman, speaking her mind and making things in a world not used to it. But fuck the haters, I say. They’re just scared that the future belongs to young women like her.


In the show, she deals with intersectionality, trans issues, sex, body image and friendship in such a sensitive, inclusive and smart way. And a whole episode dedicated to vaginas! Love It.

If you’re a Girls obsessive like me, you’ll love the episode with her and Jemima Kirke (longtime friend of  Lena and playing Jessa in Girls) when they talk about how the show has affected their relationship. The show also features awesome guests like Ashley Ford, Miranda July, Amy Sedaris, Zadie Smith and June Squibb, just to name a few. A wonderful show to be enjoyed by all, not just the girls. Every human should listen to this. And it’s free on iTunes and Soundcloud!


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