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I’m Obsessed with Owen Gray: newest release on XC!


NEW RELEASE | XConfessions

I’m Obsessed with Owen Gray by Erika Lust


I’m super excited to share with you my newest release on XConfessions! This time I was able to invite one of my favourite performers Owen Gray back to the set, to star in his first titular role for XConfessions. The confession itself, an admission of obsession from a fan, got me thinking. I got in touch with Cintia Shapiro, who had been talking online with Owen and myself and invited them both to meet for the first time ever on set and enjoy the irresistible electricity of first time sex.

I am so in love with Owen Gray. I read his blog, I watch all his films with Nympho Ninjas and then I saw that he was working with you Erika, and I just nearly died.

My friends think it’s pretty weird to be obsessed with a porn performer, but I can’t help it. He has these incredible huge dark brooding eyes, and he looks so unusual, like no-one I’ve ever seen before. And he’s so smart, Erika, I just want to be able to meet him and offer myself up for him to dominate and fuck until I pass out.

by slave_4_gray

🔥Read my interview on BDSM and Feminism with Owen here!

Cintia and Owen had been chatting online for a while. They shared the same passion for photography, sexuality and each other. When I read this confession, I couldn’t think of anyone more perfect than Cintia to explore the idea of first meetings and first time sex with someone you’re so completely turned on by. Cintia, having never performed before, waits tentatively on the edge of a huge, comfortable bed to be greeted by Owen Gray himself. The pair are shy at first, giggling with anticipation and lust. They step ever closer to each other, embrace, absorb each other for a little while before having their first, passionate kiss. You all know what first times are like and how a few nerves can only accelerate the lusftul spark between you….


🔥Watch an exclusive interview with Owen here!🔥

Owen is an established and essential part of the XConfessions catalogue, appearing in Sweet But Psycho, Feminist and Submissive and I Put a Pagan Spell on You. You can read my recent interview with him in which he talks about domination, submission and feminism here! He’s not only gorgeous, but so intelligent that you’ll want to fuck his mind after talking to him for five minutes! He also brings the perfect amount of care and intimacy to this film. Although powerful and dominant, Owen is gentle, considerate and generous in these scenes with Cintia. This worked so well with Cintia’s irresistible cute and coy persona in the film.


As a new performer who recently contacted me saying she wanted to make her first adult film with Owen, Cintia‘s nerves and passion added so much to the tenderness of the short. I’m so pleased that once again I can show you real sex, real pleasure and scenes in which we see both performers receiving and giving extraordinary pleasure equally! The atmosphere on set was so exciting, witnessing these two performers meet for the first time. Later we found out that they saw each other in Barcelona the day before, but quickly turned away from each other so as not to ruin the suspense of the following day! And I’m so glad they did!

These two worked perfectly together and I can’t wait for you to see it for yourselves!

Get to know first-time performer Cintia in her interview here!



In XConfessions, people from all over the world share their sexual stories and fantasies. Every month I pick two and turn them into cinematic short films. Still not a member of Xconfessions? Register now! Or share your sexual fantasy, and it might become a short film!


My fantastic crew with Cintia and me 🙂 <3 <3


* All photos in this post: Are by Adriana Eskenazi

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