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XConfessions: big success at 51st Chicago Film Festival!

We did it!  As some of you know, I was invited yesterday night at the amazing 51st Chicago International Film Festival – to screen a selection of short films of the XConfessions project. I was introduced by Chicago-based filmmaker and now friend Maria Finitzo.

And I have to say, I’m super proud. This has been a big step not only for me as a filmmaker, but for everyone who believes in feminism, in empowering women and in giving erotic movies a different perspective. What made the festival organizers put my name on the program -next to renowned directors like Todd Haynes, Michael Moore or Paolo Sorrentino- was, I hope, my willingness to express female pleasure, and the effort in making every one of my films to feel real.

It was a great chance to present a selection of XConfessions films, talk about onscreen pleasure and explicit movies, and share my experiences and hopes. And the cinema was packed with more than 150 people!

Oh, and a HUGE thanks to Camille Lugan (Programming Director) for this incredible opportunity. And, of course, to Maria Finitzo – who is developing a very promising documentary about female pleasure.

For those of you interested in reading the short talk I did las night before showing the short films, here it is:

I believe that sex is greater than porn, don’t you?

Pornography has been focusing exclusively on the anatomy of sex: breasts, butts, cocks, bigger cocks, vaginas, blowjobs, deepthroats and the mandatory final cum shot.

For me sex is MORE than the fluids, the penetrations, the positions…

For too long we have been watching the worst representation of human sexuality on our screens. Women as mere objects of pleasure and men as penetrating sex machines. Our sexual minds have been contaminated by cheap, sexist, ugly and boring porn. And that poor representation of sex has been influencing many aspects of our culture, our sexual behaviour and even sex education.

People seem to believe that nothing can be done. That porn is just porn. But I think that the time has come to openly talk about porn, to say what we like and dislike.

Me? I want to see emotions, connection, intimacy, complex feelings…..
I want intriguing storylines, good characters, female pleasure, beautiful cinematography.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about romantic chick flicks, champagne, a charming prince…. All I want is a nouvelle vague of independent adult cinema.

I’ve been running XCONFESSIONS for two years now.
Every day anonymous users write their adventures, kinks and fantasies… Then, each month, I choose 2 of the best to be turned into erotic short films.

The magic starts with the creativity of the crowd, and it ends in films made with love, passion and hard work. The films are shot in groups of 5 or 6, every 3 months. We shoot on selected locations in Barcelona and surroundings, with an Arri Alexa camera and a almost all female crew of 15.

Opposite into mainstream porn, we pay enormous attention to all the details: the photography, the narrative, the cast, the make up, the wardrobe, the locations, the music, the editing, the color correction, the graphic design…. And of course the sound… All the ingredients of good cinema.

Today XConfessions has 100.000 active members and counting, who have written more than 500 confessions. And we have already shot 60 short films based on their stories.

I want to thank CHICAGO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL for inviting me to show a selection of my XConfessions.

After the screening I’ll be back with Maria Finitzo for a Q&A, so save your questions for then.

I hope to encourage the audience and filmmakers in the room to join this much needed erotic evolution. We need more films showing sex with a cinematic, artistic and creative new approach.

Thank you.

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