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Oh My, it’s Masturbation Month!


Many of us are enjoyed a well deserved day off this May 1st and what better way to relax than with the ultimate  practice of self-love,


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This joyous and magical month of masturbation was kicked off more than 20 years ago (!) by Good Vibrations, who have been promoting sexual health and pleasure since 1977!

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It all started when former Surgeon General Dr. Joycelyn Elders was fired from her position for making the (then radical) observation that masturbation should be taught as part of basic and general sex education. And I completely agree! Talking to kids and teenagers about sexuality, before they learn about it from bad mainstream porn, is something that’s incredibly important to me as an ethical adult film maker and a mother. My husband Pablo and I created an education platform called The Porn Conversation, to help parents talk to their kids about porn and the reaction has been solely positive! So maybe talking to kids about their first sexual urges and discovering themselves and their sexuality around that age is just as important.

Talking about masturbation is still a huge taboo. We’ve moved forward in the last 20 years, since women were literally fired for talking about it, but it still carries a stigma of shame. Surely we should be given the tools and information to explore our own bodies, what we like and dislike and what our sexual responses are, before learning about it from someone who may pressure you or expect certain responses from you. Or before you see it in mainstream porn and develop unhealthy and unrealistic ideas. Many young people still believe that masturbation is for those unable to enjoy sex with another person, but surely loving yourself first is the right step towards enjoying pleasure with another. Especially when you’re comfortable with your own body and can guide and teach them about it!

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Other organisations like OMGYes are stepping into the forefront of popular culture and education, for providing well needed resources (predominantly for women!) on how to get to know your body better and really achieve the level of pleasure, satisfaction and attentiveness we all deserve!

Let’s not forget, masturbation is super good for you! It can help you sleep, help you deal with stress and ultimately help you gain better levels of pleasure alone or with partners! So let’s celebrate it!! Sexologist for Good Vibrations Carol Queen spoke in this interview about the amazing fundraising work done by the organisation, with all donations going directly to “women’s shelters, HIV/AIDS research, art programs, LGBT benefits, breast cancer awareness and much more.” Every year, they hold Masturbate-a-thons as some of their sex-positive events, in which anyone can be sponsored to cum together for a good cause, literally! Huge sex toy brands like Tenga sponsor the events, to which many bring their own special accompaniments!

Don’t forget that you can enjoy International Masturbation Month with one of the many beautiful vibrators or toys in Lust Store! 

Do you agree that masturbation should be taught as part of sex education? Would you ever participate in a Masturbate-a-thon?? Let me know in the comments section!

Happy Masturbating!

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