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Oliver Sarley: Queer Art on XC

This interview is part of the collaborators section in XConfessions

We have a new artist on XConfessions!

Introducing Oliver Sarley

“I notice how men of non white backgrounds are less comfortable putting themselves out there mainly because they don’t see themselves as beautiful or desired.”

Please welcome Oliver Sarley! The latest addition to my collaborators on XConfessions – whose images I use to illustrate your sexual fantasies and confessions! Oliver recently had his Instagram account deleted and it made me wonder – did he feel targeted because his art focusses on gay and queer male sexuality? So I thought I’d ask him! I love having these interviews with my artists because you really get to know them in a way you wouldn’t by just looking at their art. So please, follow Oliver on Instagram and check out his fantastic interview below!


Hi Oliver! Can you introduce yourself and tell me a little about your work?
Hey there, My name is Oliver Sarley also know as Oliraptor, I’m an erotic queer artist, based in London. I focus on photography and illustration; from the mild nature of nudism to full on wildness of sex and intimacy.

What made you want to collaborate with XConfessions?
First I love sex, it fascinates me and has always been something I wanted in my work, I’ve had way more confidence to explore this recently. I admire XConfessions films and the direction taken when it comes to using realistic bodies and unique stories. I’m rather excited at what you are doing to bridge gaps between those many areas in the porn world but also lifting it up to a new standard of cinematography!

Follow Oliver on Instagram!

Do you think the politics of mainstream porn applies to gay porn too?
Of course, we are one big mix of all types but in the end our communities are largely dominated by men, white men. So the standards of beauty in mainstream gay porn are very “shiny” very samey and not very diverse at all. Racism is very much a part of the porn world from those in front and behind the cameras but I feel people are learning to see beauty from many backgrounds not just what’s ingrained into their minds by outdated popular culture. I know there are still a lot barriers to overcome but I’m hopeful that these are already being torn down.

Do you see politics in your work?
Yes, more so lately than in the past, I’m not creating work to make people feel content with normality. My biggest struggle as a mixed race man, strangely is diversifying my own work, I notice how men of non white backgrounds are less comfortable putting themselves out there mainly because they don’t see themselves as beautiful or desired. There is a lot of negativity and slutshaming out there which holds many people back. I want men of all backgrounds to be comfortable in their own skin. My work is for all those queer guys looking for someone like them. I hope I can do that, give a moment of pleasure or relief. Hopefully one day the world will be on the same page when it comes to being respectful, kind and open to those around you who are different.

Your Instagram account was recently deleted. Do you have an opinion on why this happened?
This seems to be a more common thing, a social media cleansing? Creatives using nudes in their work being censored left and right. Terrible new algorithms deleting pictures of nude statues. It’s something we should be keeping an eye on, cause last thing we want is to see what companies only want you to see. Its pretty awful what is ok on social media still, gun violence, racism and misogyny at the top of the list. I will probably not learn why it was taken down or why I got it back a week later. All we can do is hope for more platforms for expressing love.

Are the men you photograph your friends, or models? Your work feels deeply personal which is one of the reasons I love it.
Thank you, it has gotten very personal at times, I’m not shy about putting myself literally in my work. Most of the men I’ve photographed are first time encounters. The process can be pretty organic, I’ve met some amazing guys, who are rather comfortable in being nude or trying something new. A couple have become friends, lovers and collaborators. I have fallen in love with a model, it’s pretty obvious who if you dive into my work a bit more. I don’t go into a shoot thinking I’m gonna sleep with someone, I’m there to create work. As much as I like to put my body out there, there aren’t that many erotic artists represented out there of color. My favorite shoots are couples cause I get to see how they interact. I want to capture moments, something different from the norm.

See Oliver’s XC Profile here

What’s in the future for your work?
When the sun comes out, I have some guys interested in nudes and risky sex outdoors! Always looking for models, I’d like to start working with male/female couples also. Recently posting new Illustrations I’m excited about, they are a call back to how I felt being stoned on a nude beach in Seattle. I have plans to make a short film soon about my last year, also check out the experimental short i did called WOLF_ Hoping this all comes together for my first show in the near future.

Find Oliver on Instagram / Tumblr / Twitter

If you could describe yourself in one image, what would that be?

Did you ever find a good visual representation of an orgasm? If so, can you share it with us?
O that is a tough one! I’ve seen so many! Sadly a lot of the time I can’t show those pictures and there lots! Here is a fav

Thanks Oliver! You can read all of the confessions that Aaron’s work has illustrated so far on his XConfessions profile here.

Until next time Lusties!

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