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Playful Passion: New Release on Lust Cinema!

NEW RELEASE | Lust Cinema
Playful Passion by Zimra Geurts

This week we welcome a brand new director to our Lust Cinema catalogue, Zimra Geurts! As you know, I’m passionate about having more female producers and directors in porn, especially when they make movies as exciting as this. Watch the trailer for the sexy, ethically made Playful Passion here!

Originally from the Netherlands, Geurts forged a name for herself in Toronto as a playboy model and self proclaimed Playmate of the World. After modelling, working in TV and even recording music, Geurts started directing adult films and has been making sexy, positive, erotic films ever since! This film, despite following the fairly mainstream heterosexual themes, involves brilliant performers (both in the sex scenes and the rest of the movie), natural chemistry and a surprisingly interesting narrative.
PP 1
A woman goes on a night out with her girlfriends to a male strip club, gets aroused and comes home to find some beautifully sexy new underwear from her partner, who is waiting shirtless with a glass of wine. Sound cliché? Fortunately not! Jane von Detta‘s character is a woman entirely aware of her sexuality, unashamed and not at all embarrassed to join a stripper on stage. The strip club scene itself, performed by the absolutely incredible dancers Candymen, is hot, sexy and sensual, with a decent soundtrack to boot. If you like Magic Mike and a little diversity, you’ll like this.
The sex scenes themselves are based around a very mutual and natural lustfulness. Jane is joined by male performer Gio del Amore in a sultry union of like-minded, passionate desires. They first take to the stairs for some foreplay and later move around their stylish house, edging ever closer to the bed. Despite everything about this film being stylish, from the underwear to the way Jane and Dio move together, it’s not overly glamourized or mainstream. Jane’s moans and groans are natural and unstoppable, a sign of real pleasure!
Playful Passion is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to move completely away from a glamourous aesthetic with pro performers, but still wants some kind of engaging narrative and characters they can invest in and be naturally attracted to. Geurt’s work leaves enough of the mainstream power play behind and still allows its viewers a little sparkle and fantasy.
Jane von Detta spends the night in a male strip-club with a few of her girl friends, being invited up onto the stage several times and clearly enjoying herself. Watching the muscled, sweaty men all night leaves her super excited. Luckily enough, when she gets home her partner, Gio del Amore, has left her some surprise lingerie, and she proceeds to take out all of her pent-up arousal on him.

Zimra is a woman who knows what is sexy. And what is real pleasure. You can expect to see not a complete fantasy, but a level of passion and sexual equality that we could all do with a little more of! Playful Passion includes it’s fair share of oral sex, penetration, great camera angles and an excellent balance of pleasure giving. What could be better?!


There is no time like the present to watch fantastic porn, lusties! We release a new film every week on Lust Cinema, alternating between my XConfessions series and ethical, fantastic adult cinema from the future of porn Directors and production houses. You can watch this and more now in Lust Cinema!

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