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The Prettiest Vulvas You’ll Ever See

This interview is part of the collaborators section in XConfessions

We have a new artist on XConfessions!

Introducing Jacqueline Secor

From Jacqueline’s Instagram; credit Megan Elisse Photography
The world as a whole thrives
when women have positions of power and equality. 
Welcome one of my new artists on XConfessions. Jacqueline was born in California, and now resides in Salt Lake City, and you can see this influence throughout her work. She’s been working on a series of many, many paintings and multi-media pieces based on photographs of vulvas and vaginas, that have either been sent to her or are from models. Her work explores the diversity of our bodies, and celebrates our uniqueness in her careful attention and beautiful artistry. I am so pleased to have such an interesting, intelligent and free-minded woman on board with the XC project! Her work will be illustrating your sexual confessions, so keep an eye out, or take a look at her artist profile.
Hi Jacqueline! I’m so glad to have you on XC. What made youwant to be a part of our project? 
I love that XC displays women’s liberation, sex positivity, diversity in bodies, and aesthetically pleasing work. I respect the positive change XC is creating within the male dominated porn industry – the inclusion of a woman’s perspective allows us to question the social and political landscape. What we think of as “norms” are often simply opinions and interpretations, and too often, those come from men.

 did you start working in such a beautiful style? 

Growing up, I was surrounded by powerful women within the majestic Sierras of California, so I think it’s instinctual to depict beauty and strength within my work . My style is primal and organic. I work with watercolor, acrylic and discarded materials: old drawings, paper, and fabrics. I like the challenge of integrating delicate and heavy materials together to create something very textural.

 paint vaginas? 
The decision to paint vulvae began as an entirely personal way to cope with some of my own secret insecurities. I identify as a woman and in the beginning I was my own muse. The vulva and topics surrounding the female body is what I had to expand on. After sharing a few early paintings with my close friends and family, they responded by sending me photos of their own bodies to reimagine in my art. Now, people from all around the world: friends, family members, casual acquaintances, and total strangers have contributed as models for my work. I ask each model beforehand what imagery they would like to see within their painting and why. This way I can portray the elements into each painting in a more meaningful way. With the help from my models, I hope that my art can influence cultural attitudes to transform the way they see the female body, mostly the taboos surrounding genitalia.
I was shocked to learn that in Australia , any visible sign of the labia minora is “offensive” and has to be edited out to be deemed “appropriate” enough for soft porn. Our society has created an entire culture around how our vaginas are “supposed” to look. If men and women only see this one specific version of female genitalia, then they start thinking that there’s something wrong with anything that doesn’t conform to that. Labiaplasty is a perfect example of how women try to achieve the mystic ideal and these topics were the catalyst to my art series. My series is a really unapologetic look at what is truly “normal”.

 you a feminist? And how does your work explore or reflectyour views on women/feminism/gender/sexuality? 

I am a feminist. I feel very strongly about this topic because I was raised Mormon. As a young woman in the church I was taught to be an auxiliary to the priesthood, to be modest, and that my sexuality and body belonged to my husband . At twelve, boys become members of a “lesser priesthood”, and at nineteen become eligible for a “higher priesthood”. Members of either priesthood are the absolute authority in the church. Women are excluded from the priesthood. Because of Mormonism’s systematic oppression toward women, I removed my name from church records a few years ago. I want to artistically communicate overcoming a history of shame, misogyny and patriarchy.

Most societies in the world, through culture and tradition, have created an imbalance of gender roles. In societies where women are valued and have equal status, the quality of life improves in every aspect. I’ve noticed that there is a connection with the way women are treated and the way our natural world is treated. The world as a whole thrives when women have positions of power and equality.
I feel there will always be room for individuals to celebrate their individuality and show the elemental power of the female body. The Diversity of Nature series is a forum where this can take place.

 you could represent yourself with one image, what would it be?

 your relationship to porn and erotic content? 

Most of the porn I’ve been exposed to has been cheap, repetitive and just…empty. So, I’ve never been one to search out porn. Being a visual artist has made me picky. When I really like a work of art it’s because it captures all my senses and makes me feel something – I think that’s why I’m so excited about LUST films, because your team pays attention to those details.

 in the future for your work? 

The Diversity of Nature series has been my artistic focus since 2014 and although I continue to accept vulva commissions ( Email me for more info) I am eager to start new projects. I have another series that I continue to work on titled Defying Extinction , and hope to create a children’s book in that style with my mom and sister, Jillian Secor.

I have enjoyed showing in galleries and work towards having a solo exhibition in the near future!

I’ll keep you posted here: Instagram /// Facebook /// Etsy /// Website
Did you ever find a good visual representation of the femaleorgasm, and can you share it with us? 
Not yet, but I plan on painting/ experimenting with clitoral images that may be good representations of the female orgasm!

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