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Punk and Erotica: New Artist Glam Beckett on XConfessions!

“release your inner demons and let them seduce you”
Glam Beckett is an artist from Moscow, Russia and one of my most recent artist collaborators for XConfessions. I came across her work on Instagram some time ago and I’m extremely happy to be able to illustrate your darkest secrets with her dark, erotic illustrations.

Glam is a firm believer in the Punk movement and this theme carries into her observations of the female body, depicting BDSM culture and what she describes as the “romance between love and death“.

Thanks for answering my questions Glam! Check out her Instagram here.
What made you want to collaborate with XConfessions?

 I’m so honored to be an artist collaborator for XConfessions! I’d heard so much about it and was really impressed by the films, especially Horny Beasts. Also, I found out that some of my favorite artists and adult films performers are here too. Thank you for having me!

Do you identify as a feminist?
Yes, I define myself as a feminist and I believe in equality for everyone, despite endless differences between people.
It makes me sad, that in Russia the government officially promotes differences between men and women, making the priority and purpose of a woman’s life to get married, have kids and serve her husband.
The Punk movement is clearly evident in your work. Why is this important to feminism and sexuality?

Behind aggressive Punk aesthetics  (leather jackets, heavy boots, skulls and chains) stand people, who fight for liberation and feminism. The Punk movement doesn’t have any beauty standards; it gives an alternative to typical femininity and a space for personal expression of uniqueness. It doesn’t matter what about your age, gender or sexual orientation, you can just be yourself with no need for approval.

Is there a story behind the recurring skeletons and demons in your images?
I simply like demonic and mystic characters. In my drawings, skeletons and demons represent the dark desires that all of us have hidden inside. Sometimes you just need to release your inner demons and let them seduce you. I also believe that there’s a romance between love and death, because every moment of passion destroys you as much as it empowers.
One of your images was inspired by Cam Damage! Do you take a lot of inspiration from erotic film or other artists? Who in particular? 
Yes, I love the idea that erotica and art can be joined into something unique.
I first started doing sex and BDSM themed illustrations after discovering kink.com. Some of my drawings depict scenes from ‘Sex and Submission’ and ‘Training of O’. Last year I went to San Francisco and had a chance to take an Armory Studios tour and explore its dungeons. It was interesting to see what’s behind the scenes.
The ‘Inside Flesh’ project is a huge inspiration for me as well. I really like its dark aesthetics. They create such a beautiful nightmares, that are disturbing and creepy, but sensual and sexual at the same time.

As a reference for most of my rope bondage drawings I use photos taken by The Dark Arts. He is one of my favorite erotic and fetish photographers.

What’s in the future for your work?

I’m going to improve my skills in dot-work, try lino-cut printing and make more erotic art. Also, I hope to add more prints and merchandise to my shop.

If you could describe yourself in one image, what would that be? 


Did you ever find a good visual representation of an orgasm? If so, can you share it with us?

Turbulent liquid, shades of grey and white

Check out all our other artist collaborators on XConfessions! And if you know an artist who you think I should work with, feel free to comment and recommend!


This interview is part of the collaborators section in XConfessions

We have a new artist on XConfessions!

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