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PURE: Black Rabbit brings Berlin vibes to XConfessions!

NEW RELEASE | XConfessions
PURE: Black Rabbit – by Greta Isabella Conte

“Meine Fantasie ist es, in einem Club mit einem Fremden zu ficken.”

“My fantasy is to fuck in a club with a stranger.” 

It’s three o’clock in the morning, you step outside of the subway at Ostbahnhof, the fresh air hits your face as you walk across the subway station and down the stairs towards Friedrichshain. Unlike any other city in Europe, Berlin is not sleeping at this time of night. Maybe nobody is ever sleeping in this town. You walk faster across the street in between the big concrete blocks around you. From afar, you can already see people lined up, waiting outside the big, wooden door with the letters “SISYPHYOS” written above. A bouncer with tattoos all over his body and a dressed up, Berlin underground icon are making their selection for the night. You are not worried that you won’t get in. They’ll know what you came here for. They’ll see it in your face and welcome you with open arms. Loud and dark techno echoes to greet you as you enter and you feel it in your bones – this night belongs to you and you can do whatever you want with whoever you want, wherever you want it. All you have to do is own your freedom. Here, everything is possible, but nothing is required…

My newest XConfessions release PURE: Black Rabbit will make you feel like you’re right at the heart of the European nightlife scene. Directed by our newest addition to the XConfessions family, Greta Isabella Conte, and filmed in the legendary Berlin night club Sisyphos, PURE explores the desire of having sex in public – with a complete stranger. Sound familiar, Berliners? 😉
If you’ve ever been to Sisyphos, you know exactly what I’m talking about. When I did a movie screening there last year I fell in love with the place, so I didn’t have to think twice when Greta proposed the idea of filming an XConfession there. I think Greta and our two new Xconfessions performers Kate and Christian captured the Berlin atmosphere perfectly. There’s just no place like it and I can’t wait to be back there soon!

By the way, did you know that Sisyphos used to be a dog food factory? 😉

Watch the trailer below! 

My fantasy is to fuck in a club with a stranger. The electronic music in my ears, the energy of the people around me, the feeling of being watched by other people. Surrounded by other men who are greedily watching us fuck in the stroboscopic light. The darkness and the anonymity of a cold industrial underground club. The feeling of getting unconscious during my first orgasm. Letting go of my restrictions and pressure. Feeling alive and not bound to anyone or anything. Forgetting where you are and who you are. And the ecstasy of cuming together when the beat is wild and vibrating and knowing that for this night I am his woman and he is my man. To be together, equal and merged.

Confession by BerlinExhibitionist on


Having sex is public and more specifically in a night club is one of the most common confessions I receive on my website. If you liked PURE: Black Rabbit make sure you check out my other club fantasies on Xconfessions!

  1. The Toilet Line – directed by Goodyn Green and also filmed in Berlin, The Toilet Line is a movie a lot of people can probably relate to. Sex with a hot stranger in a dirty bathroom stall… can it get any better?
  1. Moist – We just can’t get enough of the Berlin night scene and of director Poppy Sanchez! Filmed at the glorious KitKat – Moist features a literally HOT threesome in a swingers sauna!


Take a look Behind the Scenes below!

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All photos in this post are by Marco Krüger

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