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I Put A Pagan Spell On You! A Little Mystique In XConfessions

NEW RELEASE |XConfessions

I Put A Pagan Spell On You!  by Erika Lust


Today’s release is a magical one: the story of a witch and the use of her magical abilities to have a moment of lust and passion into the woods with the man she desires.

Watch the trailer of I Put A Pagan Spell On You!


This film was created after a type of confession that I had never received. I’d say more than a confession it was a spell. A pagan spell aimed at the Goddess of the Forest to hear this witch plea. The confession made me travel in time and I began to imagine how a witch would live in the forests in a past century. I found it was so arousing. Witches, at least how I imagine them, have always felt very erotic to me. When I sat with my team everyone had the same idea in mind. Adding a forest to the scene and setting the story around 1700 would make everything even more enigmatic.




We started thinking details and pretty soon we thought about two performers whose amazing chemistry and personality would fit perfectly on this story. My witch would be Vex Ashley, with her sweet and sexy beauty and with her grey haircut. I have previously shot with her for XConfessions in Dirty Doctor and My moaning neighbor and I adore her.




But who would be the man this witch desires so much to make a spell? I had no doubt, Owen Gray. This perfomer is a multi-talented artist (he amazed everyone with the stunning medium format pictures he took on set) and he has a look that was perfect for the story. My witch does not feel lust for any man, but a for a who man does light up the scene by his looks and attitude. My man had to “magically” appear naked on the forest after the spell and I wanted him to make an impression.




The place was perfect – we shot outdoors in Villa Can Valldaura and we were lucky with the weather and the light. The chemistry these two perfomers have is undeniable. You will agree with me, I am sure.

I hope you feel as enchanted as my team and I have felt with this short film. And that this spell incites your imagination tonight.


“I want you to want me, I want you too need me,
I want you too desire me, I want you too lust after me,
I want you too see that we were meant to be,
I want our desires meet,
I want lust to over flow in the body of yours,
In this night of passion only you can lust and desire me,
this is my will so let it be.”

By Spell_of_fire




The spell did certainly worked!



BTW! I decided to give the ending a twist! I hope you enjoy it!

Press play in I Put A Pagan Spell On You!  now in XConfessions!

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