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Rekindling desires through sensual lingerie in Tease!

NEW RELEASE | Lust Cinema
Tease by JoyBear

We have the second film on Lust Cinema from JoyBear! Tease is the story of a Lingerie designer who gifts her friends with exquisite sets of underwear to help them feel sexy, powerful and empowered…

Watch the trailer here:

The film tells six short stories, connected by the exploits of Skyler the lingerie designer, who is trying to create underwear that “isn’t just for men, but for women too.” The encounters range from a bored woman working a corporate job who has stopped feeling sexy, to a mum who never seems to have time for sex, to a BDSM expert who wants to test out the durability of an exquisite set of kinky lingerie!

When Gail, who used to be the “risk-taker” at uni, gets her corporate job in an office, she is bored stiff by the paperwork and her colleagues. Unsatisfied in her work and sex lives, Skyler treats her to a pink and black lacy number, which she wears under her clothes to work. Stirred by feeling incredibly sexy with her secret outfit on underneath, she invites a handsome friend round after work and seduces him on her sofa.


Then there’s Judy, a mother of two “who spends her life looking after her kids, and her husband.” When she receives Skyler’s gift, she is reminded of the good old days via a bottle of vodka and a polaroid – so when her husband comes home, she puts on a leather collar and lets him take charge for once…

With four more stories like this, including a kinky scene and a lesbian liason, I loved it! There’s a lot of variety, and it feels like these women are just like the rest of us – trying to juggle different aspects of their live while still maintaining a healthy sex life. It’s difficult, but it’s worth it.

Including a gorgeous cast (Ella Hughes, Victoria Summers, Carly Rae, Ava Austen, Stella Cox, Amber Nevada, Billy King, Marc Rose, Tyler Nixon, Luke Hardy) this film will make you want to grab the lacy underwear from your closet and indulge in some seriously hot extra-curricular activities.

Watch it now on Lust Cinema!





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