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INSIDE XCONFESSIONS: Sahara fans where are you?!

With XConfessions.com growing every day thanks to my loyal fans and followers, people are often curious about who makes up those numbers. But also those who don´t, with the project having viewers from all over the world, except the Sahara! So for yours and my own curiosity (and a little inspiration from Pornhub), I wanted to give you a little insight into the world of XConfessions and its sex-positive porn loving users.

Zazel Paradise and Kendo Ortiz in I FOUND YOUR MOTHER ON TINDER

As some of you might be thinking, I make female-led porn, which means my work is probably viewed more by women, right? Wrong! I actually have an almost 50/50 ratio of men and women who visit the site every month. Goes to show men want something different in their porn too!

When it comes to the popularity of XConfessions releases, there seems to be a lot of love to mothers and chefs. With EAT WITH…ME being one of my most successful releases to date with the most views on it´s day of release. MILFS rejoice as I FOUND YOUR MOTHER ON TINDER has remained a firm favorite since it´s release at the beginning of the year. I guess Mrs Robinson was hidden away in a lot of boys minds, which isn´t surprising!

Julia Roca and Marc Morato in EAT WITH…ME

The more taboo topics remain the most popular too, like “pegging”, “threesomes” or “groupsex”. These can all be found in the likes of I PEGGED MY BOYFRIEND, POWER PUSSY or PANSEXUALS. “Infidelity” is also one of the most searched for terms. People want to get naughty, at least in their fantasies! It´s what inspired me to make shorts like RUSH OF THE FORBIDDEN and SIT DOWN, SHUT UP, AND WATCH. Stories happening in a work environment are also very popular, such as MEET ME IN THE STOCKROOM.

Dean Van Damme, Carol Vega and Samia Duarte in POWER PUSSY

Sex fiends lay in the most of unlikely of places with my viewers visiting the site from all over the world. The USA, Spain, Germany and UK have the highest numbers of viewers unsurprisingly, with people from cities like my hometown of Barcelona, London, Madrid, New York and Rome all clocking in to watch some well made porn. But the Western Sahara is the only territory where no one has visited xconfessions.com from – yet. Fiji Islands, North Korea, Micronesia, Liechtenstein, Mongolia… I have them all! So there must be someone in the Sahara that wants some good porn!

Alexa & Joel Tomas in MEET ME IN THE STOCKROOM
Alexa & Joel Tomas in MEET ME IN THE STOCKROOM

Which age group like to watch the most porn? 25 to 35 year olds. According to Pornhub, 35 is the age we become super pornographers apparently! But there are still a lot of visitors who are aged much older, even 65+! It goes to show you are never too old for quality erotica. Now, whenever you see one of my tweets requesting for the Susan Sarandon and the George Clooney of porn, think about this: I want to tell my audience’s stories and I need natural performers above 30 years old to do so! C’mon, we are still hot, beautiful and extremely sexually active beyond that – and we want to watch it.

XConfessions has been my most successful project and it continues to grow and expand, with more stories, performers and great sex. So keep watching and confessing, as you never know, your fantasy could be next, being watched by millions across the world.

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