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Sex Gets Taboo!

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You may not know it Lusties, but I make it a part of my mission to address taboos in our society and try and explore them in films that we can all relate to. Because feet can be sexy, and so can menstruation! So this week, I’m introducing:

The Taboo and Fetish Collection by Erika Lust

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Are you ready to get real? We all have secret desires and hidden fetishes. And although you may not be ready to fly your freak flag high, you can live safe in the knowledge that you are not alone. Are you ready to discover your fetish?

Experience your secret fetishes and desires coming to life in this collection of 8 films from the award-winning XConfessions series. Whether you’re into latex or feet, menstrual blood or tears, or perhaps some good old-fashioned sex between brother and sister-in-law, this compilation will take you places you’ve never dared to go before…

Open your mind and prepare to indulge…

Watch it now!


💋💋💋 Buy the collection here!

If you like cute little toes, this collection has two films that are for you! Dirty Feet and Do You Find My Feet Suckable explore the foot-fetish in a tasteful and sensual way. Ever wanted to share your boyfriend’s amazing cunnilingus skills? Our new world of technology let’s you rent out your boyfriend’s skills for the pleasure of all your friends in Try My Boyfriend – and it leads to a crazy chance encounter in I Found Your Mother on Tinder! Things get even more taboo between two couples in Dear Brother-in-Law, and a doctor and his patient in Latex Sessions. One of the last remaining taboos of sexual desire is menstrual blood – and Erika’s classic and massively popular Can Vampire’s Smell My Period addresses exactly that!

Enjoy Lusties!

❤️ 💛 💚 💙 💜

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