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Sex & Sensibility is out today on XC!

NEW RELEASE | XConfessions
Sex & Sensibility by Nuria and Carolina

Please welcome the amazing female directing duo, Nuria Monferrer and Carolina Wallace! I’ve got another Guest Directed film for you being released today on XConfessions, and I’m certain this one is going to be just as much of a hit as the others. You really love your Guest Directors! I’m so excited to keep working with such a fantastically diverse range of women who want to step behind the camera – it’s bringing even more exploration and creativity to XC and inspiring me to keep pushing myself too!

Carolina and Nuria found this confessions by “ElinorDashwood” on XConfessions and they couldn’t resist the temptation to make a raunchy period drama – with a twist! Keep reading to find out more and watch the trailer below!

Read more about Nuria and Carolina here

I’ve always been obsessed with erotic novels based in old centuries. Thinking about those hot male characters, all rude and wild… Gallivanting around the countryside on horseback, in the tight trousers you can see their delicious bulge through. Or fighting in a civil war, and returning home bruised and bloodied, in desperate need of the comfort of a woman’s embrace. Every time I read one of my favourite novels I am overcome with a deep desire to enter into the world of the book. I want an old-fashioned, raunchy love affair! I want to taste and touch the main character in my novel, whose skin would be softer than any I’d felt before, arms stronger, kisses deeper. To be swept along in a classical, fantastical situation like that… a fantasy that I just can’t have in the 21st Century!

From ElinorDashwood’s confession Sex & Sensibility

Watch interviews here with Parker and Monica.

Monica is relaxing at home, reading her favorite raunchy erotic novel, based in a long ago past. She’s drinking a glass of wine and slowly drifting into the world of the book, imagining the hero of the story, an old-fashioned Scottish countryside type. She is so relaxed that she falls asleep… but when she wakes up, she has fallen inside the world of the book!

The rain is pouring down and she runs towards the house she sees, knocking on the door. Parker Marx (omg swoon…!) opens the door, the hero from her story, alive and breathing in front of her. He invites her in to dry off and gives her a large drink to calm her. But swiftly he is overcome with his animalistic desire at seeing her wet and warm body, pushing her up against the wall and burying his face in her hair…

head over to XC to find out what happens next!


I really loved this film. I’m not into Jane Austen or period dramas AT ALL but I was still super excited to see what was going to happen with this script. And I was completely amazed! The chemistry between these two, they are so perfectly matched, and the sex is… breathtaking! Parker starts by teasing Monica with a deliciously slow cunnilingus that leaves you literally aching with desire, and from there it’s passionate, fierce, romantic and intense sex next to a burning fire!

Let me know what you think Lusties. Did you love it as much as I did? Tell me in the comments below!

Watch Sex & Sensibility on XConfessions now!

In XConfessions, people from all over the world share their sexual stories and fantasies. Every month I pick two and turn them into cinematic short films. Still not a member of XConfessionsRegister now! Or share your sexual fantasy, and it might become a short film 😉

All photos in this post: Are by Adriana Eskenazi

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