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The Sexiest IG Artists to Follow RN (pt.2)

Me holding Apollonia Saint Clair’s book, which I wrote the introduction for!

Check out part 1 here!

There are literally hundreds of insanely talented artists on Instagram, and I have spent the past decade collating and collecting work from every corner of the world. Whether they are massive names like Onaartist, Apollonia Saint-Clair or Alpha Channeling, or less well-known artists, I wanted them all on XConfessions illustrating your anonymous sexual confessions!

What am I talking about? Click here!

I’ve interviewed lots of my artists on this blog, and I have an entire gallery dedicated to all of the artists I work with! So if you’re looking for some easily accessible erotic, feminist and powerful art, look no further! This is part two in my series where I will try to give credit where credit’s due to every one of my artists!

Plus, I’m always looking for more.

So if you are an erotic artist, email my content manager Daisy at daisy@erikalustfilms.com or follow her on Insta and she’ll check out your work and see if it’s appropriate!

Scroll down to see 10 more of my favourite Instagram artists:

and click on their image to see the sexual confessions they’ve illustrated, or to go to their Insta!

🔥 🔥 🔥

Petite Boheme

Jacqueline Secor

Read her interview here!

Love Eroticism

Pictor Mulier

Venus Libido

Tryxxy Sphynx

La Moufette Magnifique

Alexandra Rubinstein

Read her interview here!

Glam Beckett

Interview with this punk goddess here

Pachu Torres

Part 3 coming this week, with 10 more artists. Did you like this? Want to know more? Can you recommend someone? Email my content manager daisy@erikalustfilms.com

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