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The sexiest LGBT fantasies submitted to XConfessions!

It’s Pride Month!

And I’m celebrating with some erotic reading, written by you! Anonymous members of the public. Are you ready?

Every day, people from all over the world submit their dirtiest fantasties, their deepest desires, their secret salutations to the Gods of pleasure on my site XConfessions.com. And every month I choose two to turn into the erotic adult films that you see on my site! But obviously, there are hundreds of stories, and I can’t make them all! So here are some of the best from the archives that never made it to film… Under the categories Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans!

A lesbian airline piss party
by Kathrin Pissinger

She follows me into the tight attendants-bathroom and pulls the door closed behind her. I grab her and place a kiss straight on her small mouth. She begins to shake slightly, for fear or excitement, I don’t know. When I let her go, she closes the door behind her while I gently run my fingers through her hair and whisper into her ear: “I need to pee.”

“Yes,” she answers and looks at me devoted and somewhat clueless.

“Down,” I say. She slowly slides down my body and kneels on the floor as I push my skirt up. I pull my panties to the side and press her head against my pussy. She hesitates, but then starts licking across my labia. I sit down on the toilet seat and spread my legs further, while the tip of her tongue circles my clit.

Finally I can’t stand it anymore. I look down at her, with her red coloured hair between my legs, the nice airline uniform still neat while she’s licking my cunt, and then I squirt at her. A hot stream rushes out of my hole and she jerks back surprised and gasps for air. My piss soaks her white blouse and at first it looks like she’s about to run, but then the submissive in her comes back and she opens her mouth and lets the pee run inside.

It takes a while until I’m done, and I spray all across her face, her hair, her jacket, see it run down her body and collect on the floor. She swallows a bit, but not nearly enough to stay dry. When the pressure subsides I lead her hand to my sphincter, which got all wet from the pee already. She cautiously inserts a finger and starts fucking me. I grab her arm and move it faster, until she understands that I need it hard. So she takes two fingers, then three, widens my anus and fucks it hard. I squirm and moan uncontrollably. No clue if anyone heard us, and I don’t care either.

Shortly thereafter I come already, my whole body shaking and I feel my lower body tense. My sphincter grips her fingers tight and I wank my clit until it glows. Then I sink back. I feel her fingers sliding out of my anus and look down. She smiles at me happily and licks the slime off my pubes.

Under Cum-struction
by dani

I work as a project manager for a construction company and as part of my role, I’m required to attend onsite meetings with other traders. Nine times out of ten, I’m the only woman in the room, which by default means that I have all the men’s attention. However, the dynamic shifts when another woman is in the room to where both of our attention is more drawn to each other, rather than evenly distributed amongst the other meeting attendees. My sexual orientation is bi, but I tend to lean more towards preferring women. At times, I’ve fantasized of taking those exchanges as an invitation to initiate a sexual exchange… something like the two of us “getting lost” on the group walk-through of the building, finding a corner and going at it. Something sweet, slightly clumsy & fun (having to take off all our safety equipment), and yet intense; driven by passion and the rush of possibly getting caught.

Neon Haze
by curvyraven

My fantasy begins with a hall pass. I am in a monogamous relationship but we’ve both agreed to give each other a one time, no strings attached pass. I’m pansexual, an architecture major, at a party to celebrate being done with studio for the semester. Imagine neon pink and blue lighting, washing over everything, making everyone look more exotic and alien. The music is pulsing, and after everyone has had a few drinks I make eye contact with Owen, a guy that I’ve been magnetically attracted to all semester, he’s rugged, covered in tattoos and scars and a great beard. He comes over to give me a hug, his hand grazes my ass on accident and his beard grazes on my neck, and I can’t control my reaction. He notices and looks over at Joaquin, who has a very masculine appearance, but in a gentle, barefaced way. He looks like a classical painting; delicate lips and gentle hands. They both look at me, and Owen takes my hand and leads me to his bedroom, no one in the party notices that we’ve left. Joaquin follows, and closes the door; the pink and blue lighting still present. Owen begins to kiss me roughly, I’m wearing strappy lingerie under my outfit and he sees this when he begins to undress me. Joaquin also begins undressing, and then pushes Owen to the side and begins kissing me instead, gently, while Owen kisses the back of his neck. They both undress further, down to their briefs, both are wearing gold chains around their necks, almost like collars. We begin a sensual, rough, yet tender threesome, with Joaquin and Owen simultaneously adoring and worshiping me, then roughing me up (throwing me around the bed, spanking me, choking me, pulling my hair). Both Owen and Joaquin pleasure me orally, and I begin to go down on Joaquin while Owen takes me in doggy position. I get on top of Joaquin while he performs fellatio on Owen. It remains very hot and sensual, lots of neck kissing and heavy breathing. I come several times and squirt, Owen and Joaquin both come inside me. We return to the party and no one suspects a thing.

Bisexual Beauties
by C152 

I’m a bisexual 23 year old guy and I have a huge bisexual fantasy that I’ve never had the opportunity to materialize.
I fantasize about a threesome with two tall, muscular, males with big cocks. However, there’s something different here.
My girlfriend must be present in the room, but she can’t join us. She’s seated naked and tied and she can’t join in with us. She can only touch herself while she watches me being fucked by those two big, attractive, manly guys. I’ll be in the doggy position, being penetrated by one guy and sucking the other’s penis at the same time. They take turns, and then I’ll get on top of one of them until I have a prostate orgasm and I’m able to cum without touching myself. In the end I want to drink their juices.
Then, and only then, I’ll release my girlfriend and she’ll tie me up naked on her chair. Now it’s her turn to feel the pleasure she needs and deserves to have. She’ll know how good it is to feel those two beautiful human beings inside her. And I will be watching everything!

by dswm12

At a family outdoors event a few years back, my brother-in-law enjoyed a few beers as our wives (who are sisters) were entangled in their dynamic. Well, a few became a few too many, and somehow “life before marriage came up.” Which quickly led to us trying to out do one another in our past, crazy sexual conquests. But he won the competition that night with “I lost a bet with a frat brother in college and was his bitch for a week. I got fucked. He made me blow him. And everything else. I’m glad I can say I tried it, since it was kept between us.”

I haven’t stopped thinking about this.

Whenever we’re together, my mind races. I’ve noticed my brother-in-law’s big viking dick more than before. I love my wife, we have great sex, but the fantasy of being held down and enslaved by him wracks my brain. I could never confess this to her. It’s new territory, and I don’t know what’s harder—my cock when I think about it, or managing the jealousy knowing he’s been around the block. There’s a lake house all the families go to each summer, and the thought of sneaking away to go fishing (something we do) and him ravaging my mouth and my ass owns me. I think of the smell of his jock as he forces himself into my throat, sweat wet in his thighs, drool and tears streaming from me as I gag. I feel the deep grass on my bare chest and and the fresh smell of the earth as he pushes my shoulders down and takes me ass up. I imagine us secretly thrashing in the bushes, stinking of sweat, ass, and cum.

I long to eat out my wife a couple hours later with the taste of his cum still in my mouth. I’ll fuck her harder than usual, like I was just fucked, my hole burning from his girth earlier in the day.

I can’t imagine this. The fantasy haunts me and is visceral.


<3 transgender love <3
by xlissabonerx

When I was younger, about 15 years old, I saw this beautiful girl, I was amazed by her beauty, and followed her on all social media, but never talked to her. I spent 3 years watching everything she did but I was too shy to talk to her. After 9 years I saw this handsome guy on instagram and started following him, he talked to me one day and we felt a connection from the first day… then I realized after talking a lot with him, he was transgender and he was the girl I was so amazed by when I was 15! I immediately asked him to meet me in another city. We traveled there and from the first moment we saw each other, there was this magic connection. We started touching on the back seat of the taxi that was driving us to the hotel, I lay on his legs and he started touching my pussy. I have never been so wet in my entire life! Once we got to the hotel room we kissed with passion and got naked immediately, I think that’s the best vagina I have seen licked and touched in my life. The clit was so big and made my face super wet, we were dripping, it was a whole weekend of amazing sex. The best part I think is when his clit was so hard he could even put it inside of me, that made me cum a lot. Right now he is my boyfriend and we share a lot of fantasies together like we both would love to have cock, so sometimes I use strap on with him and sometimes he uses it with me. He licks my clit like if it was a cock and when he calls my clit a cock I cum really hard!

What’s your favourite masturbation based XConfession? Tell me in the comments! Or perhaps you have your own confession to share… Submit your masturbation on XConfessions now!

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