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Sexual Tension at the Office

NEW RELEASE | Lust Cinema
An Office Romance by Lee Roy Myers
Sometimes 9 to 5 can be the most erotic part of the day. Janet craves the touch of the man at the desk across from hers, but as she daydreams about the sensual caress of Mark, he is transferred to a different office. If only Janet knew the mysterious circumstances that brought Mark to her department in the first place; or the secret love affair that her bosses Max and Wendy carry on while nobody is looking; or the heartache that tortures her friend Steve as he works so closely with Melissa.. but never close enough. Will the longing and lust surrounding Janet finally inspire her to act on her desires? New Sensations: Romance presents An Office Romance, a dramatic story of love and the workplace.
This throwback film from 2010 is a classic from one of my favourite Production houses New Sensations! Lee Roy Myers and the people behind New Sensations have made a name for themselves making female-focussed, ethically made films that are always made with the greatest love and care! They always have a great plot, with lots of overlapping stories and complex relationships between everyone in the story. And “An Office Romance” is no exception!


An Office Romance centers around two co-workers who have secret crushes on each-other, but neither are willing to say anything! Totally different from the normal mainstream porn you see where nobody needs an excuse, or even a motive, to get down and dirty, right?! While their other co-workers are all busy falling in love with each other, and trying to get them together, they remain shyly on either side of the office, sneaking glances under their eyelashes but never making a move!

With a number of hetero scenes and at over an hour long, this is sure to have loads to keep you interested! Not to mention how gorgeous our lead performers are, with their lovely, real chemistry! So if you fancy a bit of a throwback to some typical romance plots, but with some hot hot sex and great directing on top of it, watch it now!

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