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Grab your popcorn and your condoms! I’m delighted to announce this new release at Lust Cinema – it’s another hot hit from Jacky St. James and couple’s favorite New Sensations:  I love My Hotwife. 

When it comes to sex, a marriage doesn’t have to be restricted to old norms and ideas about monogamy. As the old sayings go, “sharing is caring” and  “the more the merrier”, right? 

But even if you wouldn’t share your loved one with someone else in reality, you can always indulge in a little filmmaking that plays out that fantasy for you. And when it comes to naughty couple’s narratives, no one does it better than Jacky St. James. Her romantic yet hardcore narratives are highly visual but never forget to show the couple’s connection. 

After a husband admits a secret fantasy to his wife about seeing her have sex with another man, the two call a male escort to help them make their sexy dream come true! This male escort is played by no other than heartthrob and the “Ryan Gosling of porn” James Deen. How could you possibly resist?


Another married couple goes on a sexual voyage in a similar vein when wife Siri, knowing how much her husband likes to see her with other men, sets up a playdate with a prospective sales client. The husband is watching from a not too far away distance. And another wife gets some action from a co-worker to keep her marriage exciting. Sexual tensions explode as another husband invites a friend to spend the night with his wife. 

Plenty of sexy scenarios indeed… join and watch at Lust Cinema now or download at my store!

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