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We simply can’t stop..XConfessions Vol. 14 is here!

5 years. Over 5000 anonymous confessions. Almost 150 movies. Over 20 guest directors and more than 150 incredible performers.
THANK YOU to everyone who made this possible!

Watch the Trailer of my brand new release below!

I’ve released XC Vol 14!

💥 Download it here (use code 30XC14 for a 30% discount) 💥

Hello Everyone! I am writing to you from beautiful Paris this week as you might already know 😉 I had an interview with LeMonde, strolled through museums and galleries and overall had a fantastic time. And now, to finish off this amazing week I am bringing you XCONFESSIONS VOLUME 14!!!

Volume 14. Let that sink in for a moment. I can’t believe that I have released 14 volumes of my series already. Almost 150 movies. INCREDIBLE! I loved taking the time to take a little trip down memory lane this week and go through my older movies from 5 years ago. I love seeing the development and growth from movie to movie and when I look from Volume Number 1 to Volume Number 14 I can’t believe how far we have come. Volume 14 is a mind-blowing release for so many reasons. Just last week I have announced 4 monthly releases instead of two and Volume 14 is the first release where we put this new production plan of ours into practice. And it simply screams MORE MORE MORE.  I’ve got 4 XConfessions first-timers, one returning guest director and a couple of new performers. We also filmed the movies for this volume in Germany, England and Spain! I love the international vibe we’re giving to the series and I am getting so inspired by the different perspectives of my amazingly creative guest directors representing different niches, fantasies, orientations and styles.

Here is what XC14 has in store for you:

Bruce LaBruce returns to XC with his second movie ‘Scotch Egg’. Scotch Egg was filmed in lovely Barcelona and is about a woman who dreams about having sex with a homosexual men with a leather fetish! Once again Bruce managed to approach an interesting topic without falling into cliches or stereotypes. That’s what I love most about him. AND his movie includes a fisting scene!


Next on the XC14 crew is newcomer Greta Isabella Conte with PURE:Black Rabbit. So many of you seem to have fantasies about having sex in a nightclub, I get loads of confessions about it every month. So when I found Greta Isabella, I was glad to give that project to a real Berlin resident who knows all about the scene. Greta decided that she wanted to film PURE at the nightclub Sisyphos and I love how watching it made me feel like I am right there with the performers. The electronic music, the sticky air, the people around. Greta’s performers Kate and Christian were absolutely stunning and I think the entire crew did a great job at capturing the unique Berlin-Club atmosphere.

Then there’s ‘Gender Bender‘, which is one of my own contributions to this volume 🙂 I filmed Gender Bender in honour of Pride Month 2018 and I wanted to dedicate a movie to showing the beauty of gender diversity. In Gender Bender two of my favourite queer performers Kali and Dante got to play around with their own gender identities, swapping genders and just doing whatever they felt comfortable doing. This movie was so easy to direct thanks to my amazing cast. They were so confident and natural and them being very close friends just made the entire atmosphere on set even more relaxed and beautiful.


And there’s more new stuff! New guest director KARIS from England directed ‘Don’t touch the art touch me’. Starring Daisy Steel, Rooster and Heidi Switch, this one is so HOT! It’s kind of like a voyeuristic, virtual threesome. While Daisy and Rooster are getting it on in an art gallery, Heidi is playing the lucky security guard who gets to watch the show from behind her monitor.

Further we bring you ‘Amateur Tapes’ by Montiel. The name already gives away the theme. Even if you’re a big cinema geek like myself you will have to admit that there is something about amateur porn. Montiel captured that sex appeal of filming and re-watching amateur tapes perfectly. There is something so intimate about it that separates it from professional porn and I love the fusion of both Montiel and her crew created.


And last but not least I collaborated with the mysterious artist Apollonia Saintclair  and directed ‘Ink Is My Blood’. We originally started working with Apollonia as an artist for our XConfessions website. You might recognise her style on some of your confessions. We fell in love with her unique style and beautiful erotic art. We chose to film the movie with Moth and Rust, you probably remember the real life couple from my documentary Sex Work is Work. We wanted a real couple for this one because the confession is all about love beyond the physical sphere. It reads ‘I wish we could become ink ourselves, existing for all eternity within the pages of a book, immortal in our passion.’


As always, every single short film was inspired by the sexual stories you sent anonymously to XConfessions.com. You all have submitted OVER 5000 CONFESSIONS over the past 5 years and they have been so incredibly inspiring and fun! Thank you for that. Keep on submitting, I rely on your filthy imaginations! And now scroll down for some beautiful stills to get you in the mood for XC14! 


Scotch Egg

PURE: Black Rabbit 


Gender Bender 


Don’t Touch The Art Touch Me


Amateur Tapes


Ink Is My Blood 

Download XConfessions Vol. 14 now in Lust Store!
Check out all the XConfessions volumes!

If you have a secret confession or fantasy, why not submit it on my site, and who knows – it may end up on the next volume…! And don’t forget to check what’s coming next in XConfessions!

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