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Smile Makers: Erasing the taboo of women’s sexual pleasure!

We had a very exciting arrival in the office today…

Our new Smile Makers!

🌼 🌸 🌺

The Smile Makers are here with one clear mission:

To erase taboos around women’s sexual pleasure 

by uniting positive, fun and inspiring women everywhere!

Sounds great right? But not only that, they are also working to educate and spread women’s sexual empowerment through global activism and campaigning! “We work with sexologists and gynaecologists to design our products, we collaborate with lifestyle bloggers and magazines to erase the taboos on these products and we even advise NGOs and government on sexual health topics.We are on a mission to normalize sexual wellbeing products and reframe them as a natural and healthy part of life and beauty care!”

🔥 Plus, buy any of their products, and get one of my films for free! 🔥

Smile Makers has been created in 2013, based on 2 observations

1: Demand for sexual wellbeing products is universal (50% of women use vibrators and two thirds of the rest want to try!)

2: The shopping experience was framing these products as “specialty items” that don’t belong in everyday life

So, Smile Makers was created to reinvent the category as something you can find when you are at your beauty section, and that looks beautiful on your night stand.

I for one am really pleased that a company like Smile Makers exists! Sex, pornography and the world of sex-toys has for so long been dominated by a seedy vibe that put women off! But companies like this, and hopefully my films and my company, are here to show that sex and sexuality are totally fantastic, natural and even stylish! I mean, have you seen their instagram account?!

Sex-positivity at it’s most gorgeous

They also have a great blog! Check it out >here!<

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