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Staff Picks: Helena

→ This is the first in a series of Staff Picks from the women in my office, where I hand the reigns over to them!
Here they will tell you a little about themselves, plus their recommendations from my sites

Please Welcome Helena!

🌸 Helena Brune 🌸

Customer Care Manager | Sales Assistant

My favourite word of the month is Post-Shame. I have worked for Erika Lust since I started my internship 6 months ago and have quickly become a proud member of this amazing Lust Family. Post-Shame, because what I learnt here the most, is not to make porn “female-friendly” but to end the shaming of female sexuality in our society. Let’s all be proud of our sexualities, bodies, libidos, genitals, fantasies and experiences!

So, I left Berlin to come to Barcelona, work for Erika and never regretted it. I love the warm and open atmosphere of Spain and it’s little gestures. From Berlins Verpiss dich (Fuck Off) attitude to a causal Hola ¿Que tal?. Life is so much easier with the sun out, a vermouth in your hand and dinner at 10pm. However I can’t help it, but to miss my rude and moody home, so I’ll be returning soon and reinforce the Lust vibe in Big B.

I’ll show you some of my favourite items, movies and directors here:

My Favourite XC Films

My absolute favourite of Erikas movies is Feminist & Submissive. The dark setting with nothing but a bed in the middle, and the sound of Lina Bembe’s Latex Skirt, wow, that just made a huge impression!

In general I love all movies with Lina Bembe, as she is is such a talented and beautiful performer. In Feminist & Submissive she is literally crying, laughing, sweating, screaming and cuming all at once! My male crush is Maximilian Gamberro. Just watch him in Dacrifilia and stop asking me why!

Best Non-XC Film

About my favourite adult director besides Erika, I will have to go with Noel Alejandro. He shoots beautiful gay porn, like nothing I have ever seen before. I love the mood in is movies. Always slightly sad and deep, very authentic and tender. I watched his movie Call Me a Ghost, because I translated the synopsis and got curious. It’s about a man that suffers from depression, isolated in his house and finds his way back to real life through an erotic spiritual encounter. If porn can show that, hats off!

🔥 Watch the whole film here!

Favourite Confession

My favourite fantasy, that hasn’t been turned into a short film yet is “Fuck Me Like You Fuck My Man“. Reading it, it reminded me of Erikas bisexual Foursome “Hot Power Couple”. I think it is just beautiful when sex is not limited in heterosexual boundaries. When Parker Marx and Rooster started kissing first, I was rapt!

🔥 Read the confession here

Toy Recommendation

I’m not the biggest Toy Fan, but as I loved the movie Feminist & Submissive I also liked The Doxy which Owen Gray is using on Lina Bembe. It just looks so impressive and kind of intimidating in a good way! Plus, total reminder of the Sex and The City Episode, when Samantha is trying to return her “Neck-Massager” in a tech store. Thank god there are online sex shops now!

🔥 Buy the Doxy here

That’s enough from me. See you in Berlin!

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