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Staff Picks: Inés

→ This is the third in a series of Staff Picks from the women in my office, where I hand the reigns over to them!
Here they will tell you a little about themselves, plus their recommendations from my sites

Please Welcome Inés!


Hey! I’m Inés, and I work in Erika Lust Films as an editor 🙂 I didn’t know about Erika Lust until I started working here. I’ve never been really interested in porn, so I didn’t know that there was great alternative porn being made! When I saw Erika’s work I knew that it was a great company to work for.

I love my work because it’s always a challenge and a learning experience. Each short film has his own purpose so each one has his own challenges. Erika also leaves a lot of creative freedom in post-production, although she is very clear about what she wants, she lets you propose ideas and that enriches the work a lot.  I almost always go to the shoots to record “making-of” material and it allows me to start having contact with the footage too, and to know Erika’s impressions before I start the editing. At the office I also codify and organize files and edit trailers, promos, soft versions, volumes, compilations, interviews, etc.

In my free time I like to do yoga, watch movies or series, read, learn new skills related to cinema and play boardgames.

Me with the women of Erika Lust Films!


Favourite XC film

My Moaning Neighbor

I like any film with Vex Ashley, Mickey Mod, Parker Marx or Lina Bembe. I love how they enjoy sex, when you see them performing you can feel it. The fantasies of My Moaning Neighbor, The Art of Spanking, Dirty Doctor, Sweet But Psycho, among others, are really good. I enjoyed watching them a lot. If I have to say just one favourite I’d say My Moaning Neighbor. I have edited 14 XC short films so far. The most recent is Sex Work is Work part 1. I’ve been able to learn a lot about sex work from watching the full interview footage from Dante Dionys and Maria Riot who are two very interesting, intelligent, sexy and strong sex workers.

Favourite Guest Directed Film

Take Me Through the Looking Glass

One of my favourites guest directed XC short films is Take Me Through the Looking Glass directed by Olympe de G. I love the location, the art and wardrobe work, the light, how Bishop dances, how Kali needs to touch him…. hot!


Mud Dance

Another one that I would recommend is one that is not released yet but it will be out soon: Mud Dance directed by Núria Nia performed by Lucy Huxley and Bishop Black. It’s really beautiful to see those two bodies, dancing and enjoying nature and sex together.

Favourite toy from the store

I would like to try the doxy massager, everyone I hear talking about it only say good things.
Also from the store I will buy all the tote bags and t-shirts but if I have to choose one thing it will be the I’m powered by orgasms t-shirt.

🌷 Browse the Power Pussy range here! 🌷


Favourite confession that isn’t a film yet

I always found flamenco dancers really sexy and powerful 🙂

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