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Staff Picks: Kali Sudhra!

→ This is the second in a series of Staff Picks from the women in my office, where I hand the reigns over to them!
Here they will tell you a little about themselves, plus their recommendations from my sites

Please Welcome Kali!

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Hey! I’m Kali 🙂 I’m the Talent Manager for Erika which means I work with all of the performers, organise them for shoots and take care of them on set. And I’m also a performer myself! I have been working in porn for one year (my porniversary just passed) and I cannot be happier. I have done a lot of things this year, from performing, to helping produce movies, to trying out sex toys, to speaking at conferences about feminist porn, to say the least…. my job keeps me on my toes.

At the office you can usually find me doing interviews with performers, eating/making food for my office mates and usually multi-tasking a thousand things. The part I love most about my job is being on set and in front of the camera. That’s where I feel the most comfortable, expressing my sexuality and having fun while doing it!

In my free time I like to write and read about gender and race, going to protests, making art, playing roller derby and practicing martial arts!

🔥 See my performer profile on XC here 🔥

Favourite XC film

I Wish I Was a Lesbian.
Paulita pappel is my biggest queer crush. She’s just the sexiest and the sweetest human! I also liked how fun the movie was!

Hands down my pants, this is one of my favourite erotic films of ALL time. Even though I have never been fond of the word “moist” this movie had me hung up. The dream combination of Bishop, Paulita and Dante had me sweating and I definitely felt like I was sitting with them in that sauna. Poppy sanchez did a great job guest directing, and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.

Favourite Non-XC film

Dur Doux by Aorta Films. A great lesbian scene in the bathroom with a hitachi wand. What more could you ask for?!

Also, Aorta is an amazing production company that I adore. The directors are dreamy, the ideas are creative, and the porn is ethical!!

💦 Watch it on Erika’s store here! 💦

Favourite film I’ve performed in

My favourite film that I performed in, isn’t out yet! But I will give you some hints, I got to perform with one of my great friends, Dante, and I got to wear a packing cock, and play with my gender. The sex scene scene involves some pegging and hair pulling. Get ready, it’s going to be a fun, queer and electric time!

Favourite toy from the store
I have to choose just one? Well I love the satisfyer pro. It’s a sex toy unlike any other. It sucks your clit and will give you delicious orgasms that make your whole body quiver! My other favourite that has already been mentioned, the doxy massager. No one can compete with it’s vibrations!

Browse the Satisfyer ranger here!

Favourite confession that isn’t a film yet

HOW isn’t this a movie yet? Basically all my fantasies are around female orgies and kink! So combining the both would be amazing. Also, I wouldn’t mind performing this Xconfession either 😉

That’s all from me! Keep an eye out for my upcoming films too – I hope you love them as much as I loved making them!

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