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Staff Picks: Lucía

→ This is the fourth in a series of Staff Picks from the women in my office, where I hand the reigns over to them!
Here they will tell you a little about themselves, plus their recommendations from my sites


Hola Lucía! Qué onda? 

We actually have over 120K followers now! Yeah me, I guess 😉


Hi there! My name is Lucia, I’m 31 years old and I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I’m Erika’s social media and events manager, and it’s an honor to be writing for this blog! As social media manager I’m used to writing very short texts… will I be able to make it pass 280 characters?

I take care of all Erika’s social media accounts, that is FacebookTwitterInstagram and YouTube. My job is super fun and I feel very lucky every day I come to work. I’m a part of the COMM team, but I also get to collaborate with everyone at the office: I work closely with Production to release very clean social media trailers to promote XConfessions’ new releases (not even a nipple, Instagram!); I also work with Marketing to share our special promos and discounts, and of course I get to go to all the shootings and share Erika doing what she does best: directing!

As Events Manager I also get to co-produce our screenings in different parts of the world; we had our first US screening in Los Angeles last March and it was a huge success, and we’re already producing more events coming up in New York, Tokyo, Barcelona and Buenos Aires. Working with local producers to reach new audiences is a wonderful experience, and I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of watching XConfessions on a big screen.


Dreams come true 😊💞 behind the scenes filming #xconfessions!

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Lucía Foos (@lulafoos) am


My Favourite XC Film


 My favourite XConfession film is definitely “Pansexuals“, where two guys and two girls share a fabulous bisexual orgy after a strip-poker game. I am a bisexual myself and I love watching bisexual porn; watching men together makes me super horny, but I also want female characters on screen to identify with! I don’t like orgies where women have sex with each other, but men don’t even kiss. Losen up man, try something new! Pansexuals explores sex the way I like to explore my own sexuality, and that’s why it’s my favourite.

My Favourite Non-XConfessions Film

Confessions of a Sinful Nun

I’ve recently watched “Confessions of a Sinful Nun” on LustCinema and I loved it! Good, kinky lesbian sex that doesn’t feel it’s been shot for the male viewer. Also, the whole “sinful nuns” kink is pretty hot – there’s nothing like touching myself while watching beautiful women breaking ecclesiastical rules. I guess I’m a bad, bad girl.


Favourite Toy From The Store

I actually don’t use many toys! I’m very faithful to my left hand (yes I’m a lefty when it comes to masturbation!), but I did get a present a couple of months ago and I’ve been enjoying it a lot: Fun Factory’s Stronic Eins Power Toy. I’m also into bondage so I’d love to try Lelo’s Exclusive Bondage Set with my partner 🖤 My birthday is coming up, so now you know…

🌷Check out Factory’s Stronic Eins Power Toy here 🌷 


Favourite Confession That Isn’t A Film Yet
I’d say it’s probably “A guy to fuck my boyfriend with me” by Axar! It’d be the bisexual version of “Try my boyfriend”! I can’t wait for Erika or any of her amazing Guest Directors to shoot it. Give it a chance, Erika!

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