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Strangers making love in the Lesbian Experience on Lust Cinema!

NEW RELEASE | Lust Cinema
An Unexpected Encounter by New Sensations
I have another incredible release from director Jacky St. James in Lust Cinema! This time we explore the lesbian experience with four different stories of lustful encounters. Watch the trailer for An Unexpected Encounter here!
I’m super happy to release another of Jacky’s films that isn’t predominantly about the heterosexual experience. This one is all female pleasure and a really refreshing take on the typical narrative, taking four different scenes and making them work well together in a way which flows beautifully and engages the audience. Jacky’s chosen to introduce her characters in the style of a documentary, discussing their thoughts and desires around the subject of whether or not you can make love to a stranger. A super interesting theme, relatable dialogue and sex scenes which truly encapsulate the fantasy of fucking a complete stranger!
We begin with an audition. The actress who typically plays the good girl-next-door is trying hard to win over the producers with her new-found badass persona. What better way to do that than take a real life bad gal into the bathroom for some rough, powerful sex, completely lacking in inhibitions?! Don’t feel fooled or disappointed by the somewhat mainstream idea of this first scene. The sex is passionate and wild, as it should be! The following three scenes will expand your horizons, exploring more gentle and intimate sex and roles which lean more towards dominant and submissive, leaving something for everyone.
Jacky St. James creates 4 stories of lust and love-making between total strangers. At an audition, or even at a baby shower, it’s possible to have such an overpowering attraction to someone that you have to have them right then, and right there. This sensual ode to anonymous sex is fiery and full of passion. 
Running at just under 1 hour and 45 minutes, this film with literally have you yelling “hell yeah!” at the screen. These actresses are passionate and in control, sexually liberated and ready to explore new encounters. On top of that it’s tender, intimate and alluring, in classic Jacky St. James style. It’s hard to get bored or disengage with this film. Despite some mainstream tropes, I kind of fell in love with the characters. Jacky has created four varied and equally tantalizing scenes,which so many producers find hard to achieve, especially when shooting lesbian scenes. This is what Lust Cinema is all about! Talented, creative, female directors who can get you seriously excited. I love you Jacky!

So what are you waiting for Lusties? We release a new film every week on Lust Cinema, alternating between my XConfessions series and ethical, fantastic adult cinema from the future of porn Directors and production houses. You can watch this and more now in Lust Cinema!

Or… download it in HD from my store.

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