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Take a sip of XConfessions: Wine is the best lubricant


Enjoy a taste of the latest XConfessions film: Wine is The Best Lubricant. Is there anything more pleasurable than sipping on a nice glass of wine? The rich taste evoking your senses, a magical warm feeling spreading from your tongue, down your throat, flowing rhythmically in your blood to relax your body and mind. It’s rather erotic isn’t it? I truly love the ritual of wine tasting. So when we received an XConfession from a gentleman telling us about his thing for french women who like wine – something resonated with me. I knew I had to film it and I knew exactly where I wanted to do it.


Just a stone’s throw away from our headquarters in El Born you can find the wineshop Magatzem Escola. Whenever times call for a bit of a celebration in the Lust offices (which is frankly quite often) we can always count on our neighbors at Magatzem for excellent bottles of cava. And their shop made the perfect setting for this erotic wine-tasting story.

The wine shop is made up of two floors, with a dark mysterious wine cellar normally closed to public – and it was a privilege to shoot our story in there. Parts of the floor between the shop and cellar is made of glass which of gave us some voyeuristic ideas for shots to say the least.

The shop was of course closed when we shot this, but wine-thirsty passersby tried to enter to buy bottles –  they looked quite confused about seeing a film team in there, as we had to politely and discreetly turn them away!


I’m delighted to introduce the French, beautiful Tiffany Doll as our wine-taster. French is after all said to be the language of wine. Tiffany even did a voice over for us with some incredibly sexy dirty-talk in French. If you have a thing for French (who doesn’t?), don’t miss it. As the wine teacher, we have the handsome Manu Falcon from Madrid, also his first time in a Lust film. It was a pleasure to work with both of them – wine tasting has never looked this hot.

I hope you will enjoy watching this as much as we did shooting it. A big thank you to Magatzem who let us shoot in their beautiful shop! Pour yourself a large glass of wine and let all of your senses be seduced by the story. Watch Wine is The Best Lubricant on XConfessions now – salut!

Also available at Lust Cinema from this Friday on!


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