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Testing the oral sex simulator in Berlin

Hi Lusties!

I am so thrilled and honored to be the first guest writer on Erika’s blog. My name is Kali Sudhra and I’m an adult performer, as well as the Talent Manager at Erika Lust Films.

Me with Bishop Black, my fav! in Berlin

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I was invited this past weekend to attend an event celebrating female orgasms. How could I say no?!!  The organizers of the event, The Womanizer (don’t be afraid of the name, it’s a sex toy!) invited me to go to the pop up shop/art gallery in Berlin to try the new toy and give my review. The Womanizer claims to simulate oral sex. So, wow, was I ever excited – and in more ways than one!

Me with Dante Dionys and Paulita Pappel <3

On Saturday I arrived, which was the day before the shoot, and I hung out with my close performer friends, Dante and Bishop and Lina – all of whom I met through XConfessions and the Berlin Porn Film Festival! During the day we sipped tea, chatted about performing, strolled around Berlin, and checked out some cool bookshops. In the evening we were joined by another Lusie from the office, Daisy! We all went for a delicious Korean BBQ dinner and got into lengthy discussions about ethical porn. Berlin is the home of alt-cinema, so we had a lot to talk about 😉

Sunday morning I woke up bright and early, full of excitement to try this new sextoy. What was it? Was it actually going to take the place of my beloved hitachi wand? How did a toy simulate oral sex? I was brimming with questions.

When I arrived at the store, I was amazed how they had transformed this art gallery into this sensual, warm and enchanting space that just invited you to lie down and have some fun with the toys. I was interviewed about what I thought about female orgasms, and sex toys, and then I put on my best orgasm face! Afterwards, they let me keep it…. I excitedly hurried off home after the event was done, and cracked open the box. I can safely say I had one of the best Sunday afternoons of my life. Pure pleasure!!! It sounds ridiculous, but the orgasm made me laugh and cry all at once. I highly recommend that you check out suction toys, they provide a different orgasm than your average vibrator can give you. I’m getting all tingly thinking about it!

Before heading back to Barcelona, I took advantage of being in Berlin, and met with other photographers and did some nice photo and video shoots. Berlin is where my creativity flourishes, and where I feel at my queerest! I loved seeing my friends and checking out queer spaces. Berlin has my heart, amongst other things!!

💦 Buy the womanizer here! 💦

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