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This Thanksgiving I’m Thankful for the RubyCup

The images used are courtesy of the Ruby Cup facebook page!

🍃 🍂 Hello Lusties! And Happy nearly Thanksgiving!🍃 🍂 

The RubyCup

We have a new product in the Lust Store! And I’m super excited to introduce it to you. You may have noticed that after releasing my film Can Vampires Smell My Period? that there’s been a lot of talk on all my platforms about menstruation and sex. So in the spirit of the (slightly controversial) American holiday of thanksgiving – a holiday that celebrates what Americans are thankful for, followed the day after by climbing over each other to buy a TV on Black Friday – I wanted to draw your attention to a product that, in my eyes, is pretty revolutionary. And I, for one, am thankful for! The Ruby Cup Menstrual Cup.

Bloody%20fingers%20 %20flirtmojiWant more period stuff? We have a new category on XConfessions under “menstruation” here 


Myself and the amazing women from RubyCup at my office!

RubyCup is a company that makes menstrual cups for your periods. But not only that, they are a charity – and for every cup that they sell, they donate one to a young girl in rural parts of Africa who can’t afford to buy sanitary items. In places such as Kenya, the percentage of girls who miss school when they are on their periods is a whopping 36%. And if you miss school for the duration of your period, that can add up to around two months of the year. If it wasn’t hard enough to get girls equal opportunities for education globally, not being able to manage your periods is making it even harder.

Interested? We are now selling them on my Lust Store! Plus the Ruby Cup Sterilizer, to clean your Ruby Cup between periods. And if you’re still unsure, here is a guide on how to use them:

I’ve spoken before about the taboo of menstruation, and I think it’s more important than ever that we keep discussing the subject. We live in the 21st Century, where sanitary products should be readily available and easy to use for everyone! What’s more, using something like a menstrual cup is not only good for you, but good for the environment. The cup lasts up to ten years – compared with the thousands of tampons and pads that we as women would use in that amount of time, it seems obvious to me that encouraging anyone who is willing to try to be able to access these amazing products. 

Look out for my interview with the women of Ruby Cup in the next few weeks – we’ll be talking menstruation, sex, adult cinema and the taboo of periods!

🔥Hot Tip: We also sell soft tampons on the Lust Store so you can have sex any time of the month! Check them out here.

Still from my XConfessions film “Can Vampires Smell My Period?”

And don’t forget to check out Can Vampires Smell My Period?, based on an anonymous confession on XConfessions about menstruation, oral sex and vampires… and submit your own period related confessions – no sign-up or registration needed!

Still from my XConfessions film “Can Vampires Smell My Period?”


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