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The elegant, the naughty, the Dirty Gentleman

I am in constant awe of people’s creativity and so grateful to get to collaborate with such amazing artists and photographers for XConfessions – it adds so much to the social feeling of the project.

The gentleman sure likes stockings...
The gentleman sure likes stockings…

One of our latest collaborators is The Dirty Gentleman. We love his erotic elegant photos, the drama, the classiness, his penchant for stockings… But the The Dirty Gentleman does not only do exquisite erotic photography… oh no! He also offers a membership. As a member you will receive a lovely crafted parcel, containing a photo taken by the gentleman himself, and a pin to wear granting you access to the Quarterly Socials, the social gatherings hosted by the gentleman where you meet other dirty gentlepersons… It all sounds very secret, exciting and sexy to me!

My very own parcel from The Dirty Gentleman

But you can also choose a photo membership if your not able to attend the events. They are in New York after all. Hmm, maybe I should have a look at Skyscanner…

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