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New in XConfessions: The Ultimate Kink

I love this film, and I’ve been dying to share this one with you all. I had a riot shooting it and I’m so happy with the finished result. Today’s release in XConfessions is a funny one, a sassy one, a sexy one: The Ultimate Kink. I challenge you to watch the trailer and not smile. Mickey Mod‘s facial expressions get me every time!

First of all, I simply couldn’t resist this confession:

“Stable FF queer couple looking for a man to commit the ultimate kink. London based. Well educated. Extremely open minded. We lack experience in penises but willing to explore new territories. Required penis size: a bit more than average, but not that much – just in case. Blonde good boys or hyper muscled fitness instructors please DO NOT apply. Would love to know what a man could do with us. Call +44XXXXXXXXX.”

– las.masoch

Silvia Rubi and Paulita Pappel as the couple

Yes. Just yes. Funny and sexy. As the queer couple, I knew Silvia Rubi and Paulita Pappel would be perfect. And they were. As the man to take these girls for a walk on the wild side, I knew Mickey Mod would be perfect. And he was. So the idea is, just like the confession suggests, a couple, two women, who are very, very open-minded about sex. They have tried pretty much everything…apart from a man. So for them, a man would be the “ultimate kink”, see? And this is where The Mod comes in.

Then, to try the unknown territories of manhood
“Hey, this man thing doesn’t seem so bad.”

We shot this in a stunning modernist apartment in Barcelona, draped with colourful arabic fabric, and we’ve got some really enticing dialogue and buildup going. Rubi and Pappel played the eccentric couple perfectly, and Mod was just right for the role as kinky conquest. There was lots of great laughter – and lots of great sex.

Sure, it’s a bit scary but…

We also had a guinea pigs on set (as an extra, people – don’t get any ideas now !) and it decided to squeal loudly when the cameras were rolling. Eventually, when our furry little diva gave us some peace and quiet, we could get down to shooting some great, warm dialogue and seriously sexy action. Uh huh. What more could you ask for?

There’s a first time for everything.

The Ultimate Kink is available in XConfessions now, and in Lust Cinema from Friday.

Welcome back, Pau!

And – I’m thrilled to welcome Paulita Pappel back to XConfessions. She was amazing in I wish I was a Lesbian, and in Boatbuddies With Benefits (one of my favourite Xconfessions films ever) and I have so much admiration for this woman. Check out our interview with her below to see what’s she’s all about. You won’t regret it!



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