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Three Erotic Gems Now Available in Lust Store

Some of my favorite – and best-selling – erotic films are now available as digital downloads in Lust Store!

If you are a fan of erotic film that combines storytelling, great scripts, strong women characters, and lots of hot sex then these three gems are simply unmissable!

Pink Prison Download Lust Store

Pink Prison by Lisbeth Lynghøft

Produced by Scandinavia’s biggest film studio, Pink Prison is the embodiment of feminist porn at its best! Written and directed by Lisbeth Lynghøft, this film creates a whole new level of adult cinema. Starring the magnificent Katja Kean, we follow sexy and stubborn journalist Mila as she breaks into the notorious Pink Prison in order to interview its mysterious governor. Once inside, she quickly discovers that someone is always watching, and the stakes become higher than ever. Using all of her wits, wiles and lusts, Mila works her way through the prison, letting nothing and no one stand in her way!

Constance Download Lust Store

Constance by Knud Vesterskov

Constance was the first ever hardcore film to have been produced by an established mainstream studio, and first to embody the Puzzy Power Manifesto – ushering in a new era of porn! Immaculately shot with intricate costumes and lush sets, Constance is a tense and lustful period piece that is the perfect to enjoy alone or as a couple. The story is narrated to us as a piece of erotic fiction, which pushes the reader to breathlessness and culminating in an explosive climax. With lots of varied action, starring the unparalleled Katja Kean in her first on-screen role, the sex will blow you away!

All About Anna Download Lust Store

All About Anna by Jessica Nilsson

All About Anna is the long-awaited third film from Zentropa Productions, following the success of best sellers Constance and Pink Prison. This is a romantic comedy with explicit sex – featuring superb direction and writing, an international cast, relatable characters, and a sensual, intimate atmosphere.  One of the great things about this film is its commitment to show “real life”, rather than the cheesy stereotypes found in traditional porn. Meet Anna: a young, independent single woman focused on her career and wary of getting entangled in a relationship. Her life is all about fun, strangers, and a no-strings-attached attitude. But when an old boyfriend reappears after breaking her heart five years ago, the temptation might be too much for Anna.

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