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Top Sex Toys for Men!

I’m always surprised and excited to know how many men are huge fans of my films! Mainstream porn is always catered to men’s pleasure and men’s desires, so it’s a great feeling to know that I’m creating something more ethical and more real, which is enjoyed by everyone.

So, I compiled a list of my top sex toys for all those sexually intelligent males!

magic magnus

The idea of men exploring their sexuality took a bit of a back seat for a while, with mainstream porn readily available and with the rising culture of male pleasure being a woman’s job alone (sorry boys, it’s a two way street and sometimes you’ve got to practice a little self-love). But nowadays men are more sexually aware, intelligent and independent. More men are openly into kink, submission and happy to explore their sexual orientation! Male sex toys, however, can still seem a little daunting. So I’ve broken it down for you!

Cock Rings

A toy commonly used by couples, the cock ring isn’t too much of a surprise to most people. But the variety of styles and models out there is enormous! I have almost 15 in my store alone! They’re simple to use and super effective, so why not? I recommend the Tor 2 Vibrating Cockring by Lelo. Waterpoof and rechargeable, one-size-fits-all and with a more powerful vibration than ever before!


If you’re a heterosexual man and haven’t explored ass play before, the butt plug can seem like a huge leap into the unknown. But in fact it’s totally normal and totally incredible! Starting out with something slim and comfortable will help you reach overwhelming new states of pleasure easily! This vibrating plug by Lelo is a great place to start. It has 12 different modes of vibration and can be equally as pleasurable for women too.

For those more versed in anal pleasure, the ultimate toy is the Duke: P-spot MassagerThanks to its ergonomic shape, it adapts effortlessly and smoothly to the male anatomy and stimulates the P-spot and perineum simultaneously with three levels of vibration and three pulse patterns that promise a never ending array of vibration pleasure.


These may seem confusing, but they’re basically small egg shaped tools for masturbation! Open them up and experience a range of different textures to use during “you time”. They’re designed to heighten sensitivity and pleasure and can be used solo or with your partner! This Tenga Egg Variety pack contains 6 different textures and comes in an extremely kitch egg carton, what could be better! (And more inconspicuous). There’s even a handy how-to video you can watch by clicking here! And don’t forgot you can get 15% off this product in Lust Store now!


Fleshlights are some of the best selling toys for men right now. They basically mimic a vagina, with soft material inside a torch shaped container. Perfect for solo masturbation that feels exactly like real sex! They’re super easy to clean and come in a vast range of sizes and descriptions. But my favourite is the Original Pink Lady. I’ve been told it has the added bonus of looking just like a torch when it has it’s cap on, super sneaky!

Try a little submission

The patriarchy has been telling men for years that they have to be dominant and in control, and mainstream porn has done nothing but perpetuate these ideas in sex. Well, it’s bullshit and I love to see men taking on submissive roles too! Check out Bishop Black in my XConfession Dominate Me.


You can experience the same levels of pleasure with my Exclusive Bondage Set available on Lust Store now. If you buy it soon you can also enjoy a discount of €40, yay! This is perfect to use with a partner you trust. Take a look at my guides about fun techniques and looking after each other in the bedroom!


Head to Lust Store for all these items and more!



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