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XC Vol11 includes Two Unreleased XC Films for you!


💥 Download it here (use code 30XC11 for a 30% discount) 💥

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I’ve released XC Vol 11!

After releasing 100 films with the last volume of XConfessions (Vol. 10) it was time to shake things up a little bit. So this time, with the release of XC Vol. 11 we have a slightly different format. 6 films, 2 Directed by me and the rest Produced by me and Directed by my incredible female Guest Directors!

This is the most diverse, artistic, creative and imaginative collection of XConfessions films I’ve ever released. Now that I’ve tasted some success, I knew it was time to start supporting other female directors too – and I am so glad I made that decision. These women have made some f*cking incredible films and I am over the moon to share them with you. Plus, there are two on this collection that haven’t even been released on XC.com yet!

Olympe de G., our favourite french ingenue is back, directing two films on this volume! The first is Don’t Call Me a Dick/Cunt/Asshole, an homage to our sexual organs featuring a beautifully diverse cast with the gorgeous newcomer Heidi Switch and two of my favourite performers Bishop Black and Rooster! She’s also directed We Are the Fucking World – which is XC’s second orgy film. Every performer decided to contribute half of their fee to Amnesty International, and I matched their donations, totaling an amazing €5,000 for Amnesty to support their fight against trans, bi and homophobia across the globe.


Plus I am super, super pleased to present our first trans actress, Manon Praline <3 Let’s give her a warm wonderful XC welcome, Lusties!


The collection also features the massively successful Sex and Sensibility from the dynamic directing duo Nuria and Carolina, and the Berlin clubbing film The Toilet Line directed by the fantastic Goodyn Green.

As always, every single short film was inspired by the sexual stories you sent anonymously to XConfessions.com. Keep on submitting, I rely on your filthy imaginations! Watch the trailer below:


Don’t Call Me a Dick

My Abduction Fantasy


Sex and Sensibility


The Toilet Line


We Are the Fucking World

Download XConfessions Vol. 11 now in Lust Store!
Check out all the XConfessions volumes!

If you have a secret confession or fantasy, why not submit it on my site, and who knows – it may end up on the next volume…! And don’t forget to check what’s coming next in XConfessions!

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