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The Ultimate Kink Kit

Hey Lusties! It’s been a while since I indulged in the BDSM side to sex and sex-positivity, and I ‘ve been having LOADS of sales on my store this summer! So I wanted to round up a collection of items for you if you were thinking of indulging in some kinky-play, to make it easier for you! Plus, this might give you some inspiration and ideas 😉 Happy exploring you naughty animals.

Clearly Defined Boundaries

Of course the number one priority before you engage in BDSM play is consent. If you and your partner are interested in experimenting with kinky play, your next step is to have a conversation before you start anything. You need to explain what your soft limits and hard limits are. That is, things you are willing to maybe try, and things you DEFINITELY do not want to do.

🖤 Watch Lina & Owen in a devilishly delicious BDSM scene on XC that includes a conversation about limits 🖤

Are you a newbie?

I have lots of guides and films for you to learn the safest and sexiest practices in exploring your kinks! First up is the Guide to Bondage for Couples from the infamous Tristan Taormino. Check it out!

Tie me up, lay me down!

Next you need some rope! Tying up your willing victim and making them squirm is deliciously fun. Just make sure you don’t cut off their circulation, as this can be dangerous! Decide if you want softer rope or something stronger.

🌸 Buy Handmade Rope 🌸

Good girls are seen and not heard.

“Shut up, you filthy animal!” Gagging someone can be all kinds of fun – it means they can make louder noises without the neighbors hearing. It is also deeply thrilling to feel like you are being used and abused (with consent) and that your master is just fed up of hearing you whine! Make sure you have a signal though, in case either of you want to stop but can’t use your words.

Buy a Beginners Ball Gag

🌶 Buy a Solid Red Ball-Gag 🌶

Smack that!

Have you read my Guide to Spanking? If not, you should go check it out once you’ve got a willing victim to practice on 😉 Whips, canes, paddles or just your hand – a smack on the bottom is one of the more delightful experiences in the bedroom! On the store I have a wide variety to choose from too 😉

Indulge in a variety of choices!

💥 Suede Whip/Leather Whip/Elegance Whip/Dominator Whip 💥

Plus: Try a ruler for some naughty schoolboy play!

Get dressed up!

Is your kink latex, or role-play? Do you want to put a leather harness on and become your partner’s slave? Or do you want to put on a mask and pretend to be someone else? Often people think that a kink has so be something very physical. But the sensation of certain fabrics on the skin can be more arousing than any sex! Or maybe you want to try drag? Don’t be afraid, gender is a drag after all!

💧 Buy from a huge selection of accessories and lingerie here! 💧

Lube it up baby!

Do you like a bit of anal with your BDSM play? Or do you want to put some toys up there and force them all the way to a screaming orgasm? Then make sure you lube up! There is nothing worse than having to stop a session because you’re in the wrong kind of pain, so take care of each other!

💋 Grab some relaxing anal lube here 💋

Or some clitoral warming lube!

Get out the big guns

And if forced orgasm is something you want to explore more with a clitoris, the only way to go is with the Doxy. I know, I know, we’re all a little obsessed at the Lust Offices with the Doxy. It’s just a classic, what can we say! Tie up your partner and lightly press this against their clitoris and they will be putty in your hands!

⚡️ Get your hands on the Doxy here! ⚡️

Aftercare is key!

If you indulge in some BDSM play, you always need to have some aftercare afterwards! Whether it’s cream for a bruised bottom or a cuddle after a verbal degradation – always take care of each other. Be honest about what you liked and didn’t, how you feel and whether you reached sub space – a point in a submissive’s play where they move past the pain and feel euphoric and high! This space might make you feel lightheaded or emotional – and that’s totally okay 🙂

🌺 Why not treat them to a sensual aftercare bath? Oh, how delicious. 🌺

Need some inspiration?

I have an entire collection of kinky, BDSM/fetish films for you to explore with. Dominance and Submission is available only for download on my store now! Watch the trailer on that link and see if you like it 😉

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