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The Ultimate Role Play Kit!


A huge part of sexual fantasy is imagining yourself as someone different, somewhere different, with a whole new set of tendencies and a whole lot less inhibited. We love to indulge these fantasies through films or stories, like in XConfessions, so why not take it a step further and live out your fantasies for real? Here’s some inspiration, from me to you, about how to bring your deepest desires to life with some role play accessories from Lust Store!

We all know the typical, go-to characters we find sexy… For some, our minds start whirling at the sight of someone in uniform or those who are the forbidden fruit; like coworkers, professors or doctors. For others it’s as simple as a dominant role, a submissive role or a stranger.


A recurring fantasy I see on XConfessions is the professor. The schoolgirl is a popular character in mainstream porn, but rather than focusing on young, nubile, hairless girls who are treated misogynistically, the confessions to my site tend to focus on how sexy a great mind can be. There’s nothing more alluring than someone you admire intellectually and my short film A Feminist Man encapsulates this perfectly! Why not try your hand at a little teacher play, with this luxurious wooden ruler, designed specifically for spanking? Le Petite Leçon is perfect for teacher and pupil role play scenario or other dominance games.


The brand, Maison Close, also make a huge variety of tantalizing veils, masks and underwear that you can browse and buy on my store right now! Including this utterly irresistible play suit worn by Anneke Necro in The Art of Spanking!


Perfect for pairing with the pastie of your choice! Add a little electricity with these lightning bolt stickies from Bijoux Indiscrets! They have a huge collection including a variety of shapes!

If you prefer something a little cuter or get turned on by anonymity, there’s nothing better than a mask to add to your costume. And I have a huge range in store! My XConfession Carnival Hustlers tells the story of two cat burlgers at a fancy New York party who catch each other in the act. Why not try the masquerade of lust yourself with this lace mask?


If cats aren’t your thing, spice up your Easter holiday with a game of Hunt Me, Catch Me, Eat Me, with these masks, as seen in my XConfessions short starring Alexa and Joel Tomas! Available in rabbit and fox, which one are you?


If you really want to disguise your identity, I have the perfect 3 hole mask by Fetish Fantasy! This comfortable, open-mouth and -eyes hood is designed to stretch completely over the head, while the thin lightweight fabric won’t hamper your activity. For the whole bondage, role play package, you can also intensify the experience with pleasure ties and a whip or feather duster, for ultimate sensory satisfaction.

Alternatively, you can always come as the greatest gift of all – yourself ! – with this Happy Lola sexy knot underwear, worn my Alexa Tomas in Meet Me in the Stockroom, an confession of office lust which results in a secret sex meeting between coworkers!

What’s your role play confession? Let me know in the comments!

You can check out all my role play accessories in Lust Store!



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