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The Uninhibited Guide to Swinging


Lusties, it’s time to swallow your shyness!

Get your dating apps out and your fingers on the buzzers because now is the time you’ve been waiting for. It’s time to try swinging! Genuinely think I’m talking about a style of dance? Think again – swinging is the term used for couples who go and have sex with other couples! So whether you’re a salt ‘n’ peppa, aged to perfection specimen or a youthful bunny in an open-relationship, I’ve rounded up the best tips I can find to help you appreciate how sharing really is caring.

🔥 Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

In any situation of non-monogamy, open play or simply deciding to have a threesome or try swinging, you need to have a conversation in your relationship about it. That doesn’t mean asking in the middle of sex “wouldn’t it turn you on to watch me fuck another woman” and getting the response “ohh, yes, baby I’d love it”. I mean a real conversation, about jealousy. Swinging is about exploring as a team, within your couple, and meeting other couples either in private or in a group situation.

🔥 There can be wrong reasons to swing

Never do it to try and “save” your relationship, or if one of you is pushing more than the other. You and your partner both need to be keen, honest, and practical about what you really want. It’s okay to admit that you want to try swinging together – and it’s equally okay to say that you really don’t. But don’t say no immediately – take some time to think about it. Why not? Is it jealousy? What does jealousy really mean?

🔥 Find another couple together

Join Tinder or a threesome app and start looking at couples together. Be kind to each other – be aware of how your reaction to an attractive person might hurt them; there can be insecurities buried that neither of you know about. Don’t force each other to like people you like. It needs to be mutual, and this may take time, but it’s worth it.

🔥 Try a sex party

It can be quite hard to find someone or a couple on a dating app. It’s much easier to feel the passion and heat at something like a sex party where you are guaranteed to get laid together if you want to! Watch out for my upcoming guide to your first time at a sex party for more info on this…

🔥 Play it safe

Always use protection when you are hooking up with new people. Just because the couple you’re meeting are married, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use a condom!

🔥 Learn from the masters!

At Erotic Films there’s a massive range of films that feature swinging couples and group scenes. So what are you waiting for? Head over and watch some trailers to see if you want to try it for yourself!


This video I found from Nina Hartley is honestly … just. Everything. I love her. But wait for the roleplay.

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