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An Update on my Guest Directors Project

Hey everyone!

It’s been really exciting to start working with so many more Guest Directors over the past year, and 2018 is looking jam packed with majority female talent. A year ago I decided to put €250,000 aside to solely focus on supporting other women and ethical porn makers who wanted to make XConfessions films themselves. From London to Berlin, L.A. and possibly Chilé, women are contacting me from all over the world to get involved in the new wave of ethical adult cinema. Films made with my ethics in mind but with the creative direction of each individual director. It’s resulted in some spectacularly diverse, fascinating, weird, wonderful and super sexy films that you have all been thoroughly enjoying. So if you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t got your XConfessions Membership yet, here are some trailers to whet your appetites.

🎬APPLY HERE to become a Guest Director!

Adriana Eskenazi on the set of Voyeur



Tips n Tricks for Suckin’ Dicks

by Reed Amber and Florence Barkway


by Adriana Eskenazi

We Are the Fucking World

by Olympe de G.

Sex and Sensibility

by Nuria Monferrer and Carolina Wallace

La Mujer y el Pescador

by Núria Nia

She Groped Me by the Groceries

by Lidia Ravviso

⭐️ See upcoming Guest Directed films here ⭐️

Still from the upcoming gay film Intruders by Travis Matthews!

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