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Ladies and Gentlemen: XC Vol. 6 👊 🔥

Somebody pinch me, cause it feels like I’m dreaming. I can’t believe how well Volume 6 of XConfessions turned out. I think what makes this project so great is the depiction of such a diverse range of stories. Your imaginations know no limits and it’s amazing to get to show such a rich tapestry of sensuality and eroticism. Filthy, beautiful, funny, dirty, tender, weird, smart…I always try to portray the widest range of fantasies possible, and Volume 6 might be my most varied one yet! Press play on the trailer to get a taste of the latest collection of the feshest adult cinema, based on your fantasies and stories.

There’s truly something for all tastes here, and probably a few things you have never thought about before. In terms of directing, there certainly have been a lot of “firsts” for me! This volume just has so many different things: darkness, water, a Go Pro Camera observing beautiful pale skin in the gothic Be a Hero. Snappy dialogue, a guinea pig, a large dose of humour and a beautiful threesome in The Ultimate Kink. Ripped colourful tights, a man with a magic tongue, a chorus of climaxing women in Try My Boyfriend. Erotic winetasting in Wine Is The Best Lubricant. Learn how to be a good neighbor in My Moaning Neighbor. An ode to literature, peaches, pastels and sodomy in His Was First In My Ass. A love letter to big breasts in Titty Titty Bang Bang. Finnish tango and carefully coordinated striptease in Chicazo. Whips and femdom in Dominate Me. Assless chaps, laughter and a dancing gentleman in Magic Magnus.


Yours truly, behind the scenes at Magic Magnus.

Together these tales make up a wonderful mix of new adult cinema. Whether they’re funny, serious, filthy or tender or all those things at once, they’re always erotic, always sexy, always artistic – and they have been an absolute pleasure for me to shoot. I hope they will be a pleasure for you to watch.Thanks for submitting your fantasies and real life stories – together we have made yet another great volume of XConfessions! And I can confidently say it’s one of our best ones yet.


Pssst! As a little celebration treat, use the code 30XC6 at checkout to get 30 % OFF when you download XConfessions Volume 6 in the Lust Store. You won’t regret it.


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