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Voyeurism and Sexual Freedom in the retro Momentum Vol.2

NEW RELEASE | Lust Cinema
Momentum Volume 2 by Lightsouthern

Michelle Flynn and Lightsouthern have done it again, in the suburbs of a retro Australia! Volume 2 of this four part series will make you feel a little voyeuristic…

Watch the trailer for Momentum Volume 2 here!

I’m still totally hooked on this series. And so are all the women in my office! Momentum Volume 2 returns again to 70s era, retro Australia, with vinyl records, roller skates and cute girls in summer dresses. Our cast is three women and one men, and we follow the story of a voyeuristic woman who masturbates in someone’s garden before taking a woman home to relieve her sexual frustration!

Throughout Volumes 1 to 4, we saddle up alongside a group of fierce, outdoorsy beauties, fresh out of the summer of love. In Volume 2 we are led by a gorgeous young woman on her paper round, who sees a man in his shower by peeking through a window. Hot from the summer heat, her pulse already racing from cycling, she lies down in the cool grass and imagines herself with him. Luckily enough for her, later on she gets to see him do more than shower… with a gorgeously natural and intimate love-making that leaves her desperate to get some action for herself.

The film rounds off with a very long, intense and fantastic lesbian scene. So if you’re looking for a little variety and a fantastic storyline, look no further!

Momentum Volume. 2 lives up to it’s predecessor, taking us back from the beach to the lazy Australian suburbs. Director Michelle Flynn retains the retro feel with long flowing hair and natural women, records and push bikes, as we follow a voyeuristic newspaper girl on her delightful daily adventures. In tune with Volume 1. Flynn brings us lesbian and hetero couples and a breezy outdoor solo scene which will make you pine for the summer of love, whilst introducing us to a diverse and beautiful cast.

So what are you waiting for Lusties? We release a new film every week on Lust Cinema, alternating between my XConfessions series and ethical, fantastic adult cinema from the future of porn Directors and production houses. You can watch these and more now in Lust Cinema!

Or… download Momentum Volume 2 in HD from my store.

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