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Me and Maria Riot on the set of my film Sex Work is Work

Ten years ago, I could never have imagined in my wildest dreams that I would be where I am now. I started by Directing a small number of indie films and then launching XConfessions.com. We now release one short film every week on that site, we have our amazing headquarters in Barcelona with 20 (mainly female) employees; plus I also run LustCinema.com, EroticFilms.com, Store.erikalust.com and ThePornConversation.org, and I’m working on a tonne of other projects you’ll soon hear about… 😳

This growth is because of people like you, who appreciate and support, through paying for memberships and buying individual films, a new wave of adult cinema made with love, passion, quality and strong ethical values.

But this growth is only possible with a growth in Production too. You like the content, which means you want more! And more often. This path is complex, because with more productions in place we need to be even more careful and alert. So we started to commission films from Guest Directors from different countries and backgrounds, therefore now I am not the only director directing films for the XConfessions series. You can read more about the amazingly successful Open Call here and updates here.

I cared about the wellbeing of performers and crew on my production sets way before the #metoo revolution. A long time ago, from the set of my first films, we were pioneering by being one of the few adult production companies publicly stating our values. Try and find something similar on a regular free porn tube or mainstream sites…

In the last 18 months we have commissioned over 15 short erotic films with directors Adriana Eskenazi, Bruce LaBruce, Olympe de G., Sally Fenaux Barleycorn, Paulita Pappel, Florence Barkway & Reed Amber, Travis Matthews, Lidia Ravviso, Goodyn Green, Julia Patey, Luna Kuu, Laura Rämö & Martin Jäger, Nuria Monferrer & Carolina Wallace, Nuria Nia, Poppy Sanchez, Hadas Hinkis… plus many more to come. We carefully select who we trust to embark with us on this amazing project of creating new, relevant, and ethical erotic films.

Our lovely Talent Manager Kali Sudhra,  who’s is the “care taker” of performers during my shootings.

But I acknowledge that both on those externalized productions and sometimes on my own filming sets there might be undesired situations happening, and as a woman, a film producer and entrepreneur, I want to be constantly awake and aware, creating the best possible working conditions for everyone.

We constantly deal with delicate situations during our productions. To resolve and give closure to some of the situations, wrongdoings and issues happening  during our productions, we regularly work to obtain apologies from performers to performers, from directors to performers, from members of crew to performers…. Even I have had to apologise just yesterday for not seeing something happening during a lap dance scene, and when I noticed I’ve talked things through with the performers involved.

My production team, my Talent Manager Kali, myself, and all the staff in Erika Lust Films, including our Guest Directors, will from now on be in compliance of a new “CARE PACKAGE / BILL OF RIGHTS OF THE PERFORMERS” that we are developing.

Here some of the points we are addressing in this new document:

Performer’s Transportation and Accommodation
Performer’s fees
Sexual Health Testing
What To Bring To Set (items for the safety and comfort of performers)
Before The Sex Scene considerations
During The Sex Scene instructions
After The Sex Scene considerations
Social Media and stage names, how to avoid OUTING

In the past few months we have been carefully listening to performers in order to write this document. Some performers have been actively participating, together with Kali Sudhra who is my Talent Manager but also a performer, in the writing of this document.

I want Erika Lust Films to have the highest possible standards of care and quality during the production process, and that is why I encourage everyone involved in our productions (cast, crew, production team), to email me at erikalust@gmail.com if anything has gone wrong in any way, and I’ll personally look into the events. If you want to tell me something, but you want to remain anonymous , go here

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