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Women who love sharing their husbands on Lust Cinema

Sharing My Husband by Eddie Powell and Paul Woodcrest

I love seeing women who are taking ownership and agency over their sexuality, and on Lust Cinema this week I’m bringing you the ultimate in threesome films! These four women each decide, in different ways, that they want to share their husband with another woman, whether it’s a friend or a stranger! Because sharing is caring, right?

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Megan has been living with a hot couple. She’s had a really lovely time, and they’ve helped her out a lot by letting her stay there. But when they offer to have a goodbye threesome, will she be into it?

Ramon Nomar comes home to discover his wife giving oral sex to a beautiful woman. What is going on?! With Ramon’s classic humor and charm, he discovers that his wife has brought this woman here not to cheat on him… but to share her with him!

One couple decide to try and seduce their roommate, who keeps watching them while they have sex. Why not invite her to join, and discover something new? And in the final scene, a husband surprises his wife with a blindfold and an anonymous woman. That’s the kind of trust in a marriage I can really get behind!

Lust Cinema is a place where I can share with you all of the films I find made by ethical porn companies. Although sometimes the films I pick are super different to the ones you see me making, I always make sure that I’m working with ethical companies, and that the stories and relationships between the characters aren’t terrible porn clichés of submissive women and violent men. This collection is about women in committed relationships deciding to try something new with their partner – and I think this kind of honest, open discussion in a relationship is super healthy! So check it out, and tell me if you like it 🙂

Watch it now on Lust Cinema

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