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Women Loving Girls 2

Women Loving Girls 2 by Eddie Powell

It’s time for your fortnightly release on LustCinema! Every two week I release a new film on my online film platform Lust Cinema. The collection just keeps on growing! This week we are back to Women Loving Girls, but this time it’s Part 2, and the heat gets taken up another notch. Are you prepared for literally the sexiest, most sensual massage scene ever? Or a deeply moving story of two women who meet on holiday and can’t leave the hotel room for days on end?
When a woman catches her boss (who is also her flatmate) smelling her underwear, she doesn’t know what to do! Is it weird? Will it get in the way of their working relationship? It’s only when her boss reveals that she’s in love with her, and has been in love with her all this time, that they decide to take things to the next level. Meanwhile, a young babysitter has arrived at a woman’s house to look after her child, as she has been doing every week. But this time, she needs to take things a step further, and have her first time with an older woman.
Another woman is getting her usual massage by the woman she’s been seeing for years, but this time things start to heat up as the masseuse suggests she try being with a woman now that she’s split up with her boyfriend. The movements of her hands start to change, lightly grazing the woman’s skin and stirring something deep inside of her. And lastly, two women meet on a holiday, but their sexual connection is so intense that one might end up missing her flight, just to stay in the love nest that they’ve made together…
Four stories, four amazing scenes and four incredible moments of passion. New Sensations pulls another classic out of the hat and this part 2 is deliciously sexy and full of real pleasure and intense orgasms. I love the Lesbian Experience series from New Sensations. Rather than fetishising lesbianism as a performance purely for a male audience, they always treat all female couples with as much realism and complexity as you see in their hetero films. Props to them! You’re going to love this one, it’s honestly one of the best massage scenes I’ve ever seen – it feels totally realistic and very, very hot!

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