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I Wrote an Erotic Short Story!

And it’s been translated into German, and published!

🌺 Buy it here now but remember, it’s only available in German 🌺

Good afternoon Lusties!

I have some exciting news for my German speaking fans and followers 🙂 I wrote an erotic short story for the amazing sex toy company Amorelie, and it’s been released, along with 6 other stories – including one by Anaïs Nin! If you don’t already know, Anaïs is one of my favourite writers in the world, and when an anonymous user submitted one of her poems, I just had to make it into a film. So underneath an excerpt, in English (just for you!) I’ve included a link to the film so you can see what an inspiration she is to me – and how proud I am to be published in a book alongside her.

Miss Chaudri is a story of a young woman who goes to her first sex party in an effort to get over her ex, and re-claim some of her sexual freedom and independence. A chance encounter however takes the her experience from curious to delightfully thrilling – so prepare for lesbian sex, group sex and hopefully some laughs and touching moments too. I’m afraid to say, the full story is only available in german in the book, but here is a little extract to whet my English speaking follower’s appetites. Enjoy!

Read an excerpt of Miss Chaudri below

She could feel the heat from the woman’s body, caramel coloured with long, shiny, dark hair. She was older than Elise, probably about 10 years older, although it was hard to tell with the mask, with full small breasts and large nipples. The wisps of dark hair from her belly button down to her pussy looked silky smooth. Elise wanted to stroke them with her nose, to smell her armpits and lick the bead of sweat running down her neck.
“Maybe if I kiss you, you’ll relax a little” the woman purred, gently touching the ends of Elise’s fingers and stroking the back of her hand. Elise’s heart was racing, her knickers soaking. She could feel that insatiable desire building within her, starting deep inside her and spreading like electricity down to her toes and up to her skull. “Please”, she whispered, and without hesitation the woman brought her lips to hers. Such soft lips, so wet and warm. Her mouth had a million nerve endings on it and the woman lightly bit her bottom lip and sucked on it, kissing her deeply and brushing her tongue gently across her lips. They moved apart for a moment of breath and then grabbed each other, Elise’s hands sliding across the woman’s wet body, immediately grabbing her bottom and squeezing on the cheeks, feeling their breasts pressing together, their stomachs touching. Her skin was on fire and she wanted every part of her body to be in contact with the other’s, she was desperate to taste her. She moved her hand from the woman’s bottom and slowly moved it between them, gently finding her slit and touching it’s warm wetness. Exquisite. She moved her finger slowly and softly between the woman’s lips, up to her clitoris and then teasing her, all the way to her hole.
“Wait,” she said. “Let’s find somewhere more comfortable.”
Now that she’d taken the plunge, Elise could feel the nerves lifting, replaced by a pure desire that dilated her pupils and spread a smile across her lips. People were watching them as they moved through the room, towards the pool. On the right was, what she assumed, normally a massage room, but it had been taken over by countless bodies, all piled on top of each other moaning and moving, disembodied hands touching and sliding, breasts bouncing, smiles of pleasure and lips pressed together, fingers and cocks and toys penetrating writhing bodies.
The woman took Elise’s hand and pulled her down next to the pool, next to a group of people. She unzipped Elise’s boots while she took off her bra, then slid her thong off and left it in a small pile. Elise lay on her back on a cushion, and the woman’s fingers found her slit and began to massage around the edges of her vulva, between her lips. She lightly pinched them between her fingers, leaning down to lick her nipple while Elise ran her fingers through her beautiful hair. She couldn’t quite believe this was happening. The woman’s warm, damp hands made her gasp and moan, simultaneous shock and desire making her grind her hips against her hand until she spread her lips and pressed down upon her clit, rubbing it in circular motions that made her open her eyes wide and cry out loud. The heat was spreading throughout her body and her legs were beginning to shake, until she finally felt two fingers slide inside her.

Watch my film based on an Anaïs Nin poem 

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