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💥 I’ve just released XConfessions Volume 10! 💥

Download it here (use code 30XCX for a 30% discount)

⚡️ 🔥 💥

I’ve released 100 films!

I can’t quite believe that XConfessions has reached it’s 10th volume, but it has! And with 10 films on each volume, you can do the math! I’ve reached my 100th film, and I couldn’t be happier!

XConfessions‘ tenth volume is a killer collection! There is fiery passion, hot sex and everybody is getting soaking wetI’ve got 6 female Guest Directors from all over globe, shooting in London, Girona and Barcelona exploring stranger sex in public, salty sea sex on the Spanish beautiful coast and the return of two of my favourite Guest Directors, Olympe de G and Adriana Eskenazi!

Olympe takes us behind the voyeuristic eyes of Kali Sudhra, a popular new performer on the scene, to watch Bishop Black in a strip show in Take Me Through the Looking Glass; a science-fiction dystopian future from Guest Director Sally Fenaux Barleycorn explores touch depravation and unchainable passion in Touch Crimes; plus some light BDSM and wax play in Noir & Daryl and a delicious pegging scene between our Guest Director Olympe and Rooster in my film Architecture Porn!

As always, every single short film was inspired by the sexual stories you sent anonymously to XConfessions.com. Keep on submitting, I rely on your filthy imaginations! Watch the trailer below:


Hot Power Couple


Spit it Up by Adriana Eskenazi


Architecture Porn feat. Rooster & Olympe de G.


She Groped Me by the Groceries by Lidia Ravviso


Touch Crimes by Sally Fenaux Barleycorn


Entr’acte by Julia Patey

🐠 🐟 🐡

La Mujer y el Pescador by Nuria Nia


Pouring Pleasure feat. Lina Bembe & Ramon Nomar


Noir& Daryl, the rock ‘n’ roll duet SexKult


Take Me Through the Looking Glass by Olympe de G.

Download XConfessions Vol. 10 now in Lust Store!
Check out all the XConfessions volumes!

If you have a secret confession or fantasy, why not submit it on my site, and who knows – it may end up on the next volume…! And don’t forget to check what’s coming next in XConfessions!

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