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The XConfessions covers you didn’t get to see!

In XConfessions, my crowd sourced project where you submit your wildest fantasies which I turn into erotic short films, I have always focused on creating something that goes above and beyond, offering you a better alternative to the low production values in mainstream porn.

In order to do this, as well as keeping my work ethical, I strive to maintain high production values, concentrating on the finer details of every single short film I shoot! And it’s not an easy job… But it’s made easier by my fantastic Lust Team! From set design to costume styling, soundtracks and scripts, I work closely with my team to give you something that excites and engages you! This includes my XConfessions film covers, created by our incredible graphic designer Cristina Pastrana!

Cris is an integral member of the process. Not just for her covers, but also because she’s performed as a guest star in no less than 6 XConfessions! She’s super important in making XConfessions what it is today, but not all of her covers have made it to the final cut… Here are a few of the never-seen-before XConfessions covers that were a little too crazy for the final product!

You can see Cris in Meet Me in the Stockroom, Dear Brother In Law (Lieber Schwager), Do You Find My Feet “Suckable”?Carnival HustlersHysterical Piano Concert and Girls Fight Club <3

Meow Kittens Orgy

The original titles of this confession was “Meow” and we wanted come up with something a little sexier! My first idea for “Kitties Milk Time” just didn’t cut it… so we went with something much more provocative. I think it was a good decision!


Be a Hero

I actually loved all these overs for Be a Hero, but Anneke Necro is so charismatic and photogenic that after the shoot we ended up with 10s of hypnotizing images of her! In the end I had to go with my natural instinct: the sexier the better! I think the final cover below is just the right amount of alluring and mysterious. I love it!


XConfessions Vol. 2

With XConfessions Vol. 2 I was starting to really develop the aesthetic of my films. I was collaborating with tons of artists for XConfessions and wanted to show my own artistic side. I loved the idea of something natural, that was more erotic art than just nudity. But unfortunately it didn’t say enough about the volume. I want covers which entice and excite my fans! So Cris’ design for the final cover was the perfect choice – a still from We Know You Are Watching.

XConfessions Vol. 4

I first worked with Julia Roca on XConfessions Vol. 4. She performed in both Eat with… Me and Car Sex Generation. I completely fell in love with her and was 100% sure we’d work together a lot in the future. As a newcomer, we considered having her as the face of the 4th volume, but again, I wanted to really give an impression of what to expect in the volume. Cris suggested this still from Power Pussy and I think it’s perfect!

If you want to know more about Cristina’s amazing work follow the links below!




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