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¡XConfessions en la Filmoteca de Catalunya!



Barcelonians, we have a date!

After years of living (and making films) in Barcelona, I’m proud to announce that I’ll be screening my films in the most special cinema venue of this city!

I was invited by Filmoteca de Catalunya to introduce XConfessions at the opening session of a special series: films that have confronted censorship in some way. I couldn’t be more honored! Filmoteca does such an amazing curatorship work, and has had the most important movies of the history of cinema in its program. They have chosen XConfessions because of the cinematic easthetics that we print in the films, of our photography and scriptwriting, and because of some traditional elements from cinema that we add to our productions – such as introducing humour to an erotic film (in Try my Boyfriend and My Moaning Neighbor), or mixing it with other disciplines (like documentary in Circus Aerius Perversus, or dance in Horny Beasts).

There will also be a short Q&A after the screening and I’ll answer questions from the public!

I’m really excited for this, but I’m especially excited for the XConfessions crew who will finally get to see their work on the big screen – what a feeling! Seeing our explicit films in street cinemas and governmental institutions is a very special moment for us. Because we work really hard to achieve the quality we want in our productions. We care about light, sound, color, art direction, and more than anything, we care about telling a story. It has sex in it, but it is still a story. It comes hand in hand with what I’ve said in this article from a few weeks ago when a non-explicit video of mine was banned from YouTube, that in a world where blood and “big tits” run free in so many screens, having the chance to bringing light to a different, smart type of eroticism is very much appreciated.

See you there!



Screening: XConfessions by Erika Lust
Friday, July 1st
Plaça Salvador Seguí, 1 – 9
08001 Barcelona

Tickets to be purchased at the time of the event.


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